Facebook sinks Tinder.

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Yesterday was held in San Jose, California, the developer conference during which the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has probably given the new shove to “push away the opponents” to the social network market.
In fact, Mark said that soon on Facebook it will be possible to create a “profile for meetings” detached from what we use to share photos, videos and thoughts with our friends.
Zuckerberg in fact pointed out that out of 2 billion users, as many as 200 million are single.
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The possibilities of affinity will be revealed based on the information that will be declared on the profile created ad hoc for appointments. It has not yet been declared if the service will be paid or not, but the CEO of Facebook said that the imprint of this new option of his social network will try to be useful for building lasting relationships and not just for fleeting appointments, launching so an arrow to his direct rival Tinder, who instead has the reputation of being more useful for this last type of meetings.
Facebook, with its huge reach of registered users, puts another competitor of social networks back on its knees.
If you remember, after Snapchat rejected the 3 billion purchase offer launched by the Colossus of Menlo Park, the answer did not wait and Facebook began to develop the possibility to have the stories that self-destruct in 24 hours on Instagram (owned by Facebook), then on the same Facebook.
From that moment on, about Snapchat, which was acclaimed as the new goose that lays the golden eggs, we no longer hears much talk.
Yesterday, after the announcement in Zuckerberg’s conference, the company listed on Wall Strett, Match Group, which owns as well as Tinder, also Match, Meetic, Love Scout 24, Ok Cupid, Pairs, Planty Of Fish, Our Time and Twoo, practically almost the entire online dating sector, lost 22% of its stock value, burning nearly $ 5 billion, the biggest downfall it has ever had.
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In practice, it really seems that the size of Facebook users makes it virtually omnipotent.
Even the Cambridge Analityca case has not affected it in any way, on the contrary, after the case, Facebook has even scored a new record with a turnover of $ 11.97 billion in revenues in the first quarter of 2018, equivalent to + 49% on that in the third quarter of 2017 and + 6.3% of the share value.
In short, for now who tried to make the big voice on the social market, or ended up in the Facebook group, as Instagram and Whatsapp, or is forgotten, like Snapchat.
If it does not fall into these two categories, it means that Zuckerberg and his group does not consider it even an opponent, like Twitter, even though the latter is giving important signs of ascent, perhaps thanks to the assiduous use that President Trump is doing.
The only thing that Facebook is not doing well is the market, which is full of fake goods, but we’ll see if they quit or manage to give the right footprint to compete with Amazon and Ebay.

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