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Most Exclusive Experience:
Did you happen to stand in line to get to a fire sale? At Cinema? At the Theatre?
We know exclusive places provide some waiting outside the door, because of the large number of people who want to savor the moment to overcome that door ….
Precisely on this concept underlying a site that since last July never ceases to amaze, is called Most Exclusive Website, and gives to those who patiently gets in line, waiting for their turn, which consists 60 seconds of pure exclusivity, of being for those 60 seconds, the only visitor of the site.
Please … one at a time gentlemen, the line ends in a funnel, to give the individual user, his experience, certainly unique, inside a “one user website.”
But how it actually works? After arriving at the site, leave your name and is awarded a ticket, the line is ensured even today, despite the past now several months since launch.
the site is now in the millions of visitors with several hundred K of unique users per month.
Out of respect for those who have not yet had their exclusive minute, I avoid the spoiler.
Despite not steal a few minutes the site, some out of curiosity or for those who really hopes to find or be able to see something unique, or simply to have the consciousness of being the only ones to see that thing in the world at that particular time, this is exclusivity.
Obviously help a lot to spend time in a row the live comments of those who entered the site, give voice to their first sensation.

To try the ultimate exclusive experience, here the link.

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