Why everyone are obsessed with Twin Peaks?

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Okay, it’s been 27 years since the first airing, to be precise: the first episode aired on April 8, 1990.
Okay, it’s a series produced by David Lynch. That for those who did not know, he only shot some episodes of the first series because he was a non-director producer. Okay it was a cult series of the nineties. Okay, he did the story of television seriality. Okay, it’s so surreal, detached and with a sense of humor so unique that it can not be defined.
Okay, but now calm down. You’re making me anxious with this frenzy for the third series of Twin Peaks!

There is no reason to upset you so much, the series will be broadcast on Sky Atlantics only from May 22. Also subtitled because at the same time with the United States. For dubbing instead you have to wait on May 26th.

The fact is that everybody are in fibrillation. The old series is on all channels, in every city are retrospectives and marathons.
I was a little girl, too small to look for Twin Peaks. But I saw it later. Now I am about to reveal to you all the background and no spoiler as the plot is heavily fortified.

Certainties about this third series are definitely David Lynch and Mark Frost who, this time, have both written the script in the perfect Lynch style. Besides, Lynch will definitely wear the clothes of a FBI agent colleague Dale Cooper, once again played by Kyle MacLachlan. We also know the official cast and the expected return of the series actors: Sheryl Lee, Mädchen Amick, Sherilyn Fenn, Ray Wise, David Duchovny. But not only. For the big return, Monica Bellucci, Laura Dern and several other great names will join the cast. We do not know if they will have a fixed character or they will only be a cameo.

“The story continues,” writer Mark Frost explained. “We will continue from where we left. This is not a remake and will add new shades to the Twin Peaks world. ” That’s why it’s important to get ready for the debut.

But let’s go back to why it’s so successful.
The plot had a weight not to be underestimated in deciding the success of the series.

Twin Peaks is a quiet, actually dummy mountain town in the Washington state bordering Canada.
The story begins one morning when Pete Martell discovers the naked body of a girl wrapped in a plastic canvas. Sheriff Harry S. Truman and Dr. William Hayward make sure this is Laura Palmer, the only daughter of lawyer Leland, one of the most popular girls in the city. This news overthrows the inhabitants of Twin Peaks, and surveys allow their dark side to emerge.
Investigations are fired at the FBI Dale Cooper’s special agent when Ronette Pulaski, another local girl, is found alive while wandering confusingly at the Canadian border.

The inhabitants of Twin Peaks are surreal and must also understand Agent Cooper to be able to solve the case. Instinct, paranormal faculties, obscure forces, absurd characters like Lady Ceppo, Giant, Dwarf, are all ingredients of a Lynch-style thriller. Everything is remarkably emphasized by the soundtrack of Angelo Badalamenti, who fortunately has also written the sequel music.

The series ended too soon. So much so that Lynch declared: “At the end of the series, I felt kind of sad. I couldn´t get myself to leave the world of Twin Peaks. I was in love with the character of Laura Palmer and her contradictions, radiant on the surface, dying inside. I wanted to see her live, move and talk”.

The problem was that the ABC that had left the creators a great creative freedom before then had pressured to reveal the secret of Laura’s murder. The creators, despite being opposed to this decision because it was the red thread of the series, yielded to the demands of the network. Lynch and Frost, however, had predicted the consequences of this decision. In fact, between December and February, after the murder was solved, the hearings fell inexorably.

At this point I could also remember where the second season had stopped, who killed Laura? But I will not. Maybe some of you, my beloved readers, are approaching the series for the first time. And although I feel an unhealthy feeling of tranquility in knowing prematurely how they end things, I hate to even ruin other people’s final. So look at it. What the hell! 25 years have passed, you can not remember everything!

The thing I love most of Twin Peaks? Obvious.
It is a directorial trick: Do you remember the mysterious and distressing way in which the characters speak in the sequences set in the Black Lodge? Lynch asked the actors to play the opposite. In post-production, then, the recordings were reversed, making comprehensible phrases but with strange and disturbing pronunciation.
A genius!

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