The emotion in a body: Paolo Troilo

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“To me the colors are an illusion, they are misleading, traitors. Black and white are open doors.
I chose to eliminate the colors because they did not tell their stories. And I also removed the environment around, the objects, the clothes. I want to paint directly, without interference “, he said Paolo Troilo, Italian artist on exhibit in New York. He is an extraordinary artist, who many of you will remember for his vigorous work, others for the spot of Nespresso.
Trolio seems to hold much to his biography, so I will report it precisely: he “was born in Taranto in 1972 from Antonio and Lucia Troilo. He studied Architecture and Modern Literature at the Florence University, then in Rome at the European Institute of Design.
From 1997 to 2009 he worked for several international advertising agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, Arnold Worldwide) as Art Director first, then as Creative Director”.

He paints himself always with nervous lines, creating strong images and impact. Indeed, the undisputed protagonist of his paintings is his reflection on the canvas, but above all the human being. Troilo painted torn souls that contort and struggle in search of their own identity.
As the artist explained, the naked bodies are painted in an empty space, alone with themselves to make sure that the viewer is not distracted. The emotions the paintings tell of are ancestral drives, despair and redemption, a cry that starts from the depths of the soul and wants to shake the world.
The violence of the image is perhaps also explained by the physicality with which Troilo approaches the canvas using his fingers as brushes, immersing them in his cans of black and ivory acrylic colors, spreading the color on the canvas to obtain an intense material effect.
“The day that I went out to buy all the tools to start painting I forgot to buy the brushes, so I started to paint with my fingers” he explained.
A casualty that has turned into a well-defined stylistic choice, not just hand painting but also working in monochrome, with strong contrasts or gray stairs.

His most exciting works are painted on large canvases, one of them being “Bandiere” where flags are men who seem to be bent over by the wind. Or the “Rannicchiati” series that portrays male bodies folded on themselves, concentrated in their inner world and ready to explode or “Guerra e Pace” where they explore the concept of opposites and the search for a fragile balance.
Surely his pictorial method made him know human anatomy well, because in every bend, every muscle or nerve can tell an emotion.

Nowadays Paolo Troilo is famous and appreciated all over the world and has exhibited in the most famous art galleries and as he explains in his bio: “In 2011 he was selected for the 54th Biennale di Venezia. His works have been displayed in Milan, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Paris, Singapore, San Francisco, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles.
He lives and works both in Milan and in Palermo, he is Antonio and Brio Caterina’s father”.
This year will be IF! Italians Festival, at the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, September 28-30, 2017. The theme of this year is: applied art and technology to subvert the system and point the way to a new generation of creatives and brands.

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