Fedez and Chiara Ferragni effect on the people

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If you want to know the recipe of the Calabrian pepperonata, trippa alla romana, spaghetti alla puveriello, you will not find them in one kitchen website. At the same time, if you are interested in having documented information on sugar beet, as well as cucumber, dopler effect and all over the human scifi you don’t need to go back to the home bookstore and take that very heavy and dusty encyclopedia. No need even to consult Wikipedia or search on the net.
Since Fedez asked for Chiara Ferragni’s hand on stage at Verona Arena, live on television, radio, Instagram and Facebook, to get an education on whatever passes for the mind of the people, in Italy, just read the reader comments below the articles that talk about the upcoming wedding between Italian rapper and influencer. And while he sings “heart in stoppage favors feelings,” people comment: “My roommate thought that she had lost her keys instead instead found her in the boy’s car, no worse, though she would change the lock,” or


Perhaps because the two have told too much about their love on every medium, so much to arouse the attentions of those who usually pronounce the phrase: “But it’s all fake!”. It will be envious, as the Fatto Quotidiano is supposed, but it is more likely that Italian readers will not tolerate appearing on their home post of the major Italian newspapers such as “The Republic” or the “Corriere della Sera” that, Instead of speaking of the French election, the Syria war, the missile-based baseball match between North Korea, the United States and China, they tell the love story between Fedez and Ferragni.
It seems that people, with good reason, be tired of these articulations and that this is a battle against the journalism of the likes and views. But, a newspaper also needs the likes and views to go ahead and sell advertising space. Once there were kittens, today there is Chiara Ferragni.
Newspapers and subscriptions are no longer sold, the big publishers have made bad investments, in large and small newsrooms have become important and frightening two words “state of crisis”: which means dismissals and early retirement, which means no recruitment, which means that an external collaborator can write about foreign policy with academic expertise, can go to the refugee camps to tell stories of frontier, can tell about the love story between Fedez and Chiara Ferragni, but his article will always be worth 5 euros.
Besides, there’s a problem: the click problem!
How many of you in reading the news scrolling through the social network’s home page are based only on the title of the article and do not open the link to read it entirely?
So we base our own information on slogans manufactured by a titlist. How many of you are clicking only on posts about kittens, gossip, and the recipe for zucchini parmigiana, without an interest in the real news?
As Bridget Jones would say: “What do you think of the situation in Chechnya?”.
I’ve read comments that wished the fire as punishment for journalists because, in a Facebook post by Marie Claire magazine, Alain Delon had been mistaken for Jean Paul Belmondo. When you open the article you would have found out that it was just a photo gallery which was probably created by a social media manager with the requirement to post a certain number of posts a day to not lose like and views. Not that this is an excuse. Ignorance is not justified!
But death does not wish to anyone, as my grandmother used to say.
But there is still anxiety about publishing and the click problem.
And so despite the degree, the master in journalism, the state exam, the continuing education courses, if Google trend claims that the most clicked web pages are Fedez, Chiara Ferragni, Marriage, well, you journalist must write about these topics. Although you have never liked the songs of Fedez or if you think that with Ferragni’s fur slippers this winter in Milan you have died of cold.
The click problem can be solved by reading newspapers, not just by sliding your Facebook home while you are in the bathroom.
The click problem can be resolved by asking some questions, whether you are readers, journalists, or publishers.
Despite everything I can finally cook Sicilian arancini with the true recipe read in the comments of an article in the Corriere della Sera.



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