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She is one of the most enduring personal brand of the past 30 years. DV, Donatella, cyber-punk icon, made her personality her strength, she became a brand, one of those in ever-evolving, Break the rules’s concept has established itself over time as the central point of her way to face the market.
That same market that has wowed when on a unthinkable red carpet more than 20 years ago has created a star. Was the ’94 for the presentation of “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, when she fixed in the sky the light of a super hot Elisabeth Hurley, with that dress held together only with the super golden safety pins.

We speak of a woman who has done of problematic years the right basis for a re-launch, ashes from which reborn stronger than ever and since then has been unstoppable: the haired platinum blonde brand has become a style icon.
Only Italian icon to approach seriously to sea-punk, she with a touch of opulent 90s’s glamor, that classic of Versace, mixed to the sub-culture of which she is the undisputed queen, it has become one of the landmarks of the international style.
Personality certainly controversial, beloved, hated, idolized, has the attractiveness of the forbidden, an impalpable glamor in golden handcuffs and on high heels that is not afraid to distort its image, indeed.
The “Fab” as defined by a platimun Lady Gaga, who for a season she even winked by the advertising, on billboards and magazine, of the brand of the Medusa, has the possibility to lend his image to campaigns of others without scratching its image of international Iron Lady, much less that of the brand that has built with her brothers.
In fact it is one of the stars in the family campaign of Givenchy next to Kanye West, Julia Roberts and Lea T, in the shoes of a Salem-Queen dressed by the expert hands of Riccardo Tisci, photographed by the duo of wonders Mert & Marcus.
Perfect in this campaign because she and Tisci are both stars of the customs clearance of two cyber-culture. The Givenchy’s trend is definitely different from which cleared by the brand of the Medusa, but surely appropriate to Mrs. DV.
The news was announced by her own on the social more chattering of all, how else could they give us a share of this news except through his person and twitter.
Donatella, divided by a thin line from the family brand has structured a personal brand strong enough to beside the Medusa and definitely influence the market as only she can do.

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