From DUMBO to N.o.Lo: Coolest District in The World

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coolest district

The Coolest District concept:
There are places in the world dedicated to spirituality and the liberation of the artistic instincts of beings from different lineage, origins and tastes. Worldwide, there are some neighborhoods in major cities, where kindred spirits, can meet and influence their art, in the broadest possible sense. All big cities and not only have their places dedicated to the forge of innovation and cultural and social change. These are increasingly complemented by the concept of the coolest location, for who those concepts has engraved them on his skin and lives them around the world.

Inevitably speak of Williamsburg, the beating heart of a Brooklyn always in turmoil. Already from the 70s over the bridge began to move something artistically, but the brain and the heart was, and now is coming back, the Micro Area, DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), there all the artists moved, they found Manhattan too expensive and took their art between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. Are now only a little more than 1,400 souls that can be defined so lucky and certainly moneyed: artists, photographers, designers, chefs and families create the ferment in a micro district which has influenced the whole world and which laid the foundations of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg we know.

Other side of the world, the nation’s art, culture and good food, in Rome, we find
The Pigneto, place no place halfway between the historical discos of the Rome the capital and the pure creativity of young market levers, trying to give an international flavor to one of the oldest cities in the world. It is two decades that the neighborhood moves and tries to shake the dust from the shoulders of a numb cities. With hard work, artists, designers, small entrepreneurs, have enriched the neighborhood, with small boutiques, art galleries, bistros and exhibition spaces such as the MACRO in Testaccio.
From always in revaluation, the great turmoil is the last 10 years.

Still in Italy. but in the capital of fashion and design this time, we are in Milan, the most international city in the country, the districts dedicated to the artists we find different to say the truth, the historic Zona Tortona, Brera, until you get the less expensive and thus the most affordable for artists, new entrepreneurs and designers are the new creative forges of Ventura Lambrate. Which for some years gives both the Fuorisalone that rich weekly events dedicated to vintage and innovation of new minds as The EastMarket.
We find little more to the west, the “new” district, the most and least cool of the city, N.o.Lo (North of Loreto), halfway between the absolute degradation and color of a ferment, which reminds us both Brooklyn and the South Manhattan at the end of the last century.
Multiracial to the bone, full of dichotomies and much more affordable than the rest of the city, began as a popular neighborhood to grow now as a hotbed of laboratories, small bistros and boutiques rich of Bohemian flavor much like to the Yuccie and so on.

Kreuzberg – Berlin
We remain in Europe to talk about a district, the Kreuzberg, which is the revival of a city that still looks very young Berlin. The most alternative, the first where, in a Germany which exports economic methods, have appeared the first Hipster.
The color is that of the graffiti, the paintings and the dishes that the district offers in its galleries, bistros, boutiques and on the walls, of a neighborhood that lives on the river, which remains true to itself over time, exporting the color of the district more alternative of the German capital.

Many other districts around the world that offer long nights and days inspired the pioneers of the new and the different.

From Paris with Canal St Martin to L.A., the strength of the new generations that are pulling upward their sleeves to change, innovate and re-evaluate, both areas that concepts, are many.
In L.A. we find the historic Silver Lake District, the most eclectic and the most dynamic creative scene. Inevitable the Barber Shop, small theaters, the restaurants and home art gallery.
A scene like we see in Detroit, where the population, that dirty of paint and grease, is divided between the center and the periphery, between moribund downtown and midtown, but here, however, we speak of an entire city that is slowly rising, sinking new roots into something that is between the old and the new.
Even Chicago, but far from the skyscrapers that create high embankments at the beautiful Chicago River, we find Wicker Park, the historic suburb of the Windy City.

A bit ‘higher up, always in the cold, we find Capitol Hill, but we do not speak of the Washington Central district, but the high rate of housing a Seattle, divided between the ocean and the most untamed nature, which has always been a hotbed art and music.
Now let’s jump on the other side of the world and we go to Tel Aviv, in the coolest and artistic district, a unusual city, here is the name of Florentin, place frozen in the future given by the reflections of skyscrapers, its a Miami on the mediterranean sea and the past of such an important place in the history of modern culture.

n the cold part of Europe are to be discovered in Tallinn, not far from the city center, the Kalamaja district, where however seems to be far away from the traditional super architecturally center, in fact you are in a completely different dimension, you can breathe the classic “heat” Northern Europe ultra modern hipster, where it has not yet taken root shabby.

America again, we pass from one of the city that has always been felt in the cultural, philosophical and artistic, and for new trends. SF, San Francisco, them right next to the historic and now expensive Castro district, we find the Mission District, where all the city Outsider and not only, are found to defend and make the future to their voices.
The unified brand under which we can close all these districts globally, is the brave and fearless warrior of modern times, a Hipster renovated, the Millennial entrepreneur, Yuccie, who from the suburbs to which put The Sunday dress and from city centers that are re-evaluating, and is slowly finding space for new ideas, new business concept and a new form of the classic, the new luxury is the slow life, the fast art, and the glocal, term now obsolete, but increasingly topical.
Tomorrow probably in that battered shed, there just outside the center neat and clean, with all possibility you will go to have lunch.
The new city, to try.

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