XDiavel: the Ducati born in the USA

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It exits the new Ducati that we so much waited, the Xdiavel and as almost always happens with the motorcycle manufacturer Ducati the expectations have not been disappointed.
The XDiavel however is a different bike from the usual Ducati and also substantially different from the sister with whom, in fact, shares just a part of its name, the Diavel.
In fact this Ducati is one of those Italian products, born in the “Land of Engines” but destined especially for the American market and that usually go mark a indelible imprint in the history, a bit ‘as happened with the Ferrari California.

In fact, when the American spirit, the desire to travel far and wide in the great outdoors of the States with his face to the wind making great breaths of freedom meets design and product quality Made In Italy the couple gives birth to real dreams.
In fact the XDiavel seems the perfect act of love between the irrepressible urge to get on a bike and travel and the propulsion of a motor that above 2000 rpm sings with the tone of an Italian tenor.
The XDiavel combines precisely these two souls, a style of motorcycle “Cruise” typical of States for which the Ducati engineers have spent two years on the streets of America to study exactly how to structure this motorcycle, then they returned to Italy and have made it with the highest quality even giving it 60 possibilities of ergonomic adjustment so that, just as with a tailor made Italian suit, the motorcycle accompanies the physicality of the bike rider.
Some technical details:
twin engine version “Testastretta DVT” of 1.262cc with variable valve timing desmodronica;
maximum torque of 13.1 kgm;
Bosch ABS system of the latest generation;
ignition Key Less;
156 horsepower;
belt drive reinforced carbon;
Launch Control system;
19,990 price for the basic model.
For more info > Ducati XDiavel Site

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