Drake donated one million dollars while shooting the video “God’s plan”

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“God’s plan”. In the heads of the malicious and mischievous, the thought of a Drake who wanted to approach God himself, like a good megalomaniac, buzzes. We, without conjecture, have found the last his gesture simply fantastic and human.
Let’s go in order. On 16 February 2018, on the Vimeo-You Tube channel by Aubrey Drake Graham, known as Drake -rapper, actor, songwriter and Canadian producer – was released the video for the song “God’s plan”. The label gave him 996, 631.90 dollars to make the same clip and what he did? He gave all the money to charity, give as gifts.
Suspended between benefactor and philanthropy, Drake has made a gesture of a good person, a quality that is often seen as an oxymoron if approached the world of gangsta rap hard and full of cliches. The entire sequence of the video, in short, sees Drake turn to Miami and give wad of bills to more or less casual people.
With fifty thousand dollars he paid the studies at the University of Miami of a student of the Frost School of Music, the same amount donated to the Lotus House reception center where he also donated gift cards to all women and toys to 140 children. Then he went to the Miami Senior High, took pictures and autographs, and left the school with a check for $ 25,000. In addition, he offered to design the new uniforms. After that, the next day, he went to the Sabor Tropical Supermarket. He presented himself with a megaphone announcing that he would pay for all, and another 50 thousand dollars were left there. Almost a million dollars.
Drake, who from being the shoulder voice and featuring of Rihanna in “What’s my name?” in 2010, has done a lot of road with his empathetic smile and his musical style (and dancing) that knows how to involve. We are talking about a boy, born in Toronto in 1986 from an African-American father of Moroccan origins, a musician, and a Canadian mother of Jewish descent, who works in art, fifth in the Forbes list of the richest in the world of hip hop with over 150 million dollars and that at the Billboard Music Awards 2017 has won 13 awards, beating Adele’s record.
But despite his background and his overflowing curriculum, Drake called the video «the most important thing I did in my career» and invited his fans to make good gestures going beyond a video or a hashtag that they can pump the media gesture. The rapper was (obviously) criticized: accused of hedonism, of having lost his bearings, of having put at the center of the theme the money as a thermometer to give value to the actions, to have made a video “not spontaneous”, but in favor of cameras, and much more. We take for good and for real everything, but we are assailed by the usual question: “We don’t have Drake’s money, ok, but can we say we have his heart?”.

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