Something Realy American: the Dr Pepper.

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Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper on wall img credits: Brent Moore

Dr Pepper: the first american soda drink.

The Dr Pepper is the oldest brand of soda drink produced in the US, having been marketed for the first time in 1885, a year before Coca-Cola saw the beginnings still under the name of Pemberton’s French Wine Coca and with a formula yet alcoholic and very different from that of today.
So we know it’s a very old brand and for anyone living in the US or been there even once, knows that Dr Pepper is a real institution.

The mixture consists of 23 flavors, but we say that everyone recognizes especially the tastes of vanilla and cherry.
The drink is sold in the US, England, South America and some European country. Let’s say, however, find that outside the US is not so easy, so that in some countries they are even born Facebook pages where users exchange information to know in which supermarket they can find the Dr Pepper and at what price. For example in Facebook Italia
But why the Dr Pepper not think of a greater export of their product? Probably they will have estimated that the number of people intending to buy is not sufficient to support the financial efforts of distribution and export.
But why are so few European consumers and other states than the Americans?
The first factor is definitely linked to the very strong and very sweet taste of Dr Pepper. In fact, for a European that is a taste so sweet that many do turn up their noses and secondly, a taste so loud it makes the product not easy to complement your meal because it surpass the taste of food. This thing is crucial because in Europe, the carbonated soft drinks, which already have a market much less developed than in the US, usually do not drink if not during a meal or snack.

Talked about the product and the target, it’s time to say a few words about the brand. In fact the brand of Dr Pepper has a meaning so American to be incomprehensible outside of the US, except for fans of the US, but not of those US of the American myth, but precisely the US of the middle class, that American who loves football, barbecue and Dr Pepper precisely.
In fact, the communication of Dr Pepper we see that points to the fans of American sports par excellence, which has not followed elsewhere, that are Football and Baseball, focusing now more on the second. Even the type of people does not exist elsewhere, just as is the passionate about football. Another thing that does not exist outside the States is the food with which they show the drink. Only American food very greasy or fried and pieces of braised meats of colossal dimensions, which we normally don’t see in European countries if not frozen and marketed in small slots inside packaging showing huge flags with stars and stripes.

The iconography of Dr Pepper user, his eating habits and hobbies are therefore as close to the stereotype of the average American we can see, so the most distant from average European, among who there are USA fans, but are either related to pop culture, who lost the popular sense to become elitist, or the culture of the American dream, that related to nature and the great American landscapes populated by Cow Boys on Harley Davidson and Native skin red who are still trying to fully understand the “newcomers”.

It is bad to say, but it will be difficult to see the Dr Pepper have a great distribution outside the States, but that perhaps is not bad, and like all things truly original, you will need to see them in the country of origin, so having the opportunity to take a trip overseas and after the excursion to Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon, do something else that can be done only in America, so you can go to the stadium, eat anything just sitting in the stands, watching a sport of which we understand anything and finally taste us a Dr Pepper right there where she was born.

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