Die Antwoord: the mixtape “Suck On This” anticipates the album Now on Soundcloud

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Die Antwoord have released a few hours ago their new mixtape, which anticipates, still do not know how, their new album.
A real breeding ground, the South African group, which in a few years has already given several successful albums.
Suck On This is the Mixtape released on Soundcloud, consisting of 13 tracks, remix of the group’s hits including unreleased Gucci Coochie, anticipated yesterday with the teaser video starring Dita Von Teese, the diva of the international bourlesque. Emblem of the subculture Zef, Ninja and Yo-Landy Visser, mix icons of Western culture to sub-culture of their country, creating a style perfectly zef. It has become an honor and a pleasure to be present at one of their videos, as did the king of the night, Marilyn Manson, Cara Delevingne, Dita Von Teese and many others.
Their style, maybe defined as Hip Hop Tribal Tech, the goth times, with many contaminations, has plagued the world in less than ten years, pushing all of the globe’s club to make us sweat on their notes.
The new mixtape, as they stated, was born to play, wanted to give something different and new to their fans, hard to remix their tracks already so complex, but in collaboration with Dj God and The Black Goat, they have succeeded.
Gucci Coochie is a mix of bass enriched by the whispers ear by Von Teese.
About the Zef culture, of which they are the “institutionalized” icon out of the continent. The sub-culture was born in the 80s and is spreading from ’94 onwards. It is literally the concept of non harmonious union, but just a fusion of cultures, which sinks its roots in all societies that make up the Afrikaans. It is like to wear high heels with a jumpsuit, can be done and need to have the personality to do it. It is the true South African style, sub-culture that is also becoming culture thanks to the spread of the group’s music, discomfort of a slice of the population that has increasingly more voice.
The voice is that of the group, which also mixes different languages in their lyrics, not only different genres, from Afrikaans to Xhosa and English.
They both had some time ago, a part in “Chappie, The Human Android”, emphasizing their now undisputed influence.
We await the album, even if the date is still unknown.
The premises are all …. for another success, irreverent hopefully as we have become accustomed.

here their site

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