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Design and Millennials. Photo Credits and Copyright: matúš pajor
Always changes, but never changes. Elitist, conceptual, never playful, rather ludic, is the ultimate expression of Radical Chic in the world of commodities, we talk about the Design d’Autore.

It means the design as we understand it in Italy, that is a field that has nothing to do with the furniture, two worlds that do not even look at each other. Not exactly, we say that the design, the world of forniture, pretends to not see it, as the world of cheap furniture pretends to invent new kinds of products and new aesthetics, when in fact in most cases these are copies taken from Design with the D capital.
In fact is typical of each market that the actors of a sector that specialize about mass distribution, think less about research and product development and often copied or “take inspiration” from the brands at top of the range who think they more about quality than the quantity.
In this sense two sectors over the last decade or so, have demonstrated the validity of finding a compromise between actors of high-end market and low-end players
These two sectors are the food and fashion.
In fact we saw fleets of great chefs to lend advice, do staging and endorsement for the products of big retail chains. This type of cooperation has increased sales for industrial products, but also has gave a lot of visibility to the chefs who are now acclaimed as a stars.
In fact, if many thought that the renowned chef would lose his credibility making advertising for products for the large consume, this has not happened, it was enough to choose carefully which products advertise.

In the fashion world, the collaborations between top designers and clothing chains from low cost to mid-range are even older, if I’m not mistaken inaugurated by the great Jil Sander with a collaboration with Puma in 1998. Anyway we came to today where the collection designed by Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, for H&M, asked to the same chain of having to arrange accreditation and privileged access cause to the amount of people that crowd every time there is an opportunity to buy a piece of a great stylist at points of sale of their chain.

In this sense of communion between the upper part of the market and the lower part, it seems that of the Desing industry has missed a great opportunity to introduce themselves to the general public.
In fact, just like a chef or a stylist also the designer is a top professional to which it is asked the ability to always bring a breakthrough in the trends and in the creative possibilities that you can do in a given historical period, but only the first two types have been provided to explain these processes to the mass audience, even to that of the generalist TV, while the latter were not “lowered” to explain their work, or rather, perhaps the companies, which are the subject that have to invest in communication, have not yet realized that communicate also with the less intellectuals clusters of public do not make less sophisticated the Speaker, but more educated the Listener.
That said let’s see how very important companies, with a long and esteemed Heritage are now to have less followers on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook of any person, and I do not speak of a social influencer, but just any.

Let’s talk about companies with cutting-edge stories in the design branch for decades, who have made the history of this industry and set the trends in homes of author around the world, which today are totally unknown to the majority of Millennials and have maybe a thousand followers on social networks, such as how many follower has the coolest boy of the high school.
It is clear that the design companies are in the possibility to increase significantly their brand being at a time when great branding operations to the affected parties have not yet been undertaken, perfect time to be the first to make them and obtain the advantages.

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