DeLorean: takes up the flight in 2017

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We have just recently “celebrated” the day of the time paradox, of Back to the Future, 21 October 2015 according to the creators, of the historical saga, the arrival day in the future, of Marty McFly, as imagined in the movies, we had already flown off the streets on our car, as Marty, Doc and Einstein with the DeLorean, the historic Scientist’s machine. Car that has seen the first days in a productive Detroit, of ’75. economic disaster foretold for the production company, precisely the DeLorean Motor Company (DCM), due to the Patron and designers of the only model produced, designer for another historic success of models such as the GTO, made a slight error at the level of consideration of horsepower engine, even then, to encourage reduced consumption, given the shortage of oil at that time. Beyond the details of the few horsepower for a product intended for the American market, which instead wanted to hear the engine roaring under the bonnet, the DeLorean, for all nerds, wannabes or simply worshipers of the cult series, is the institution of the film almost as much Einstein, the Doc’s dog. Subite several transformations, now she will undergo the ultimate transformation, at least officially, in fact the new DeLorean Motor Company, bought all remnants of the old production stock, it decided to revive the project on the market. 300 cars for 100k a piece. Nostalgic market, nerd, and the angular lines of the late ’70s lovers get in line. The DMC has made no word of any particular device, even though many would love to buy it full of Channeler tube. In 2017, it was announced a few days ago, that we will review in the streets, and was also released the first commercial. A new challenge for the DMC, this time a little ‘for fanaticism and nostalgia, might take risks, to win. The new project will be practically equal to the original and rarity will definitely be the highlight of a piece so fetishized that will help the real takeoff of the DeLorean.


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