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On Facebook Deianira has 71,602 like, you define itself Web Inflencer and if she ask you “tutt’a posto?” ask yourself two questions! Obviously I’m talking about Deianira THE TERRIBILE. She is an easy-to-admire character, her videos from the car, her remarkably Neapolitan accent, her teasing all over and made her famous in the web and social.But she’s not just this. Deianira is not just laughing: she is a growing woman, she is a mom and is now a gay icon, a role she is so proud of.From December 7th to 10th, she will be a guest of honor at Gbreak and so we tried to get to know her better.

Deianira Hello, how are you?

“Very well, I’m taken from many future projects at the site.”

Can we get started right away with questions? Here’s the first one: On your social profiles, you define a Web Influencer. We want to explain what is a Web Influencer?

“It is a person who has the capacity to empathize with an innumerable number of people so that his judgment on” things “is shared by this mass. Often these are new alternatives, new perspectives with which we look at things and which are accepted by many but generally expressed by few. The influencer, he says the same word, has the ability to influence his audience through a natural process, and bring him to share his thoughts, at least as far as I am concerned”.

Few know it, but you’re not just a Youtube character, you also have a real life and a family. How do you do mom, have all these views on Youtube and live your life so privately?

“This job happily allows me to not spare time to my family. However, it is also a hard work to keep my alter ego, or the alter ego that is in all of us TERRIBLE, both from the role of mom and interpersonal relationships. I have learned over time to be very low in everyday life, because no one wants to have to deal with a woman who can not use anger constructively and screams, that THE TERRIBLE”


How do you combine the life of the mother, working woman and web influencers?

“I give him the same times of a real office job. ”

Ask for questions. You’ve become a gay icon! You’re a heterosexual mom, how do you feel in this role alongside Madonna and Raffaella Carrà?

“Good is an honor that fills my heart with joy. When I’m with my fans I feel so much loved, it’s a satisfaction I almost swear because I realize I’ve transmitted far more than I imagined! ”

Why is it important that a heterosexual person is concerned with the issues of the LGBTQ community?

“Because we have to stop making this distinction, we are people enough! You have to be interested because when you do not know something that does not belong to the mass mean anything behaviors attitudes thinking etc. are afraid of it but when you know it does not scare you, one day we will be just people! ”

“Because I’m a woman with a strong feeling and very close to LGBT issues, I like to participate in any event involving my fans.”

What will you do to Gbreak in addition to having fun?

“I will also be Deianira, a 40-year-old who, with her” story “, hopes to tell the story of all of us who despite having fallen, we are strong and we are never late to make and realize a dream!”

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