Dear white people, there is a series you have to see

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Dear white people, there is a series you absolutely must see!
Okay okay, you have not seen the film. Nothing so serious, you can recover because Netflix has made it a very nice series.
It is called “Dear white people” and is one of the novelties of May. The series, based on the 2014 Justin Simien’s Dear White People film, tells the vicissitudes of African-American students in a prestigious US college mainly frequented by whites.
The title comes from the name of the radio show hosted by Samantha, tough black activist, from which gush the events that lead to the discussion of the racial issue in the various chapters, giving to the spectator a wider and heterogeneous vision on the subject.
Each episode is a chapter, each chapter a character, each character an event seen from a different point of view.
A sequel of cause and effect that episode after episode make us increasingly deepen in the feelings of the characters, letting us discover the events that led them to be the ones that are now.

Offenses unconscious and conscious, misguided policies, are all ingredients of a good license plate Netflix series.
Racial differences, racism, seem to be an American theme of last century and instead, as currentity often shows us, this is not the case.
To the point that the series has been contested on Twitter by some members of the so-called alt-right, a neo-Nazi and racist American movement, who have accused him of being “against the whites”.
Probably, at some points, it borders on the limit. But the fact is, if that makes understanding the feelings you get to being victims, there’s nothing wrong. In any case, in the series, old themes such as racism, love between couples of mixed ethnic groups, mix with “new” themes such as homosexuality and sexual indefinability.
Very good directing, good photograph, interesting plot, enough for the way it is developed, despite Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s narrator style. And then wallpaper, wallpaper everywhere.
Anyway, the series has been filmed well enough to let us enter, politely, in the carnality of the facts, talking about struggle, dance or sex.
In short, an interesting series that is worth seeing. Netflix in spring guess several series. And with this article we have also completed the series reviews. At least for this week.
Stay tuned!

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