-Dawn- Directed by Rose McGowan: Inspiration

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Dawn, is the directorial debut of Rose McGowan, presented in 2015, as a short film for the general public on youtube, stellar debut for the former actress, who that year, at the Sundance has enchanted critics.
Pastel colors, social critique, gazes full of emptiness hypnotize the spectators for 17 minutes, no longer need to fall in love with this psychological thriller and adolescence, we were talking about of generational.
The film is treated the profound difference in the middle of last century, the one that separated the social caste of an America rigid and conservative, ingenuity and cruelty imposed, exposed as an expression of its social discontent of the class crushed by the weight of a shrunken society a ataraxic feeling towards other people’s problems.
She, Dawn, naive girl of the upper middle American bourgeoisie, classical aesthetics of a rich girl. You lose, SHE, in the eyes of a guy who works at the gas pump, the lower social class of him, leading her parents to push her away, but the result is the opposite of course, the character of him is evidently taken from the infamous murderess teenager Charles Starkweather.
The rest of the film does not tell you, it is truly recommended viewing.
A work that of Ex Halliwell sister, confirms her as a versatile artist, singer, producer and director … we are waiting for the next challenges below one of his last hypnotic video.

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