Dancing is strictly prohibited during the concert

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Imagine going to a concert and not be allowed to dance or “float”. Impossible?
Imagine that it is prohibited by law. No, I’m not telling you the story of the inhabitants of Beaumont, the provincial town that banned rock music, in the movie Footloose.
What I am telling you is a true story, but it is not the story of a failure, more than anything else it is a historical turning point.
We are in Saudi Arabia.
The concert in question is the first pop concert granted in the Islamic country. On March 30th in Jeddah, in the west of the country, they will be able to listen to the music of pop singer Tamer Hosny, both men and women. It is an incredible turning point for the Sunni wahhabite ultra-conservative kingdom that only recently opened to music, cinema and live performances. But on the ticket bought by many people there is written: “Dancing is strictly prohibited during the concert”.
On Twitter someone wrote: “Do not dance and sway at a concert! How to put the ice under the sun and ask it not to melt “.
But as I said before, we need to contextualize the story. The reign of King Salman of Saudi Arabia, is a Sunni wahhabite ultraconservative country, in which there is a clear division between the sexes and the sharia, the Islamic law, is applied rigorously. It is an absolute monarchy whose sovereign is placed at the head of the state, assuming in itself also the function of prime minister and of maximum religious office.
In recent months the government, thanks to the indications of the crown prince and strongman of the country, Mohammed bin Salman, has launched a reform and development plan called “Saudi Arabia Vision 2030”, which includes a series of ambitious projects in the economic and energy field , and above all in the social and cultural field. The key objective is the development of the tourism and entertainment industry, trying not to violate the strict observance of customs and Islamic tradition.
However, in 2018 a series of concerts were held, including the Lebanese artist Hiba Tawaji and the Greek composer Yanni. And more and more often it is possible to see men and women participate in “live” events, a scene that was unthinkable until recently.
It is not just a socio-cultural reform due to age change. Until now, many Saudi citizens, especially young people, were spending billions of dollars to attend film shows or visit amusement parks in the tourist centers of the region, such as Dubai. Thinking of expanding everything within the country, opens up the possibility for a not indifferent business.

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