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Dance More Drink Slow is the new motto with which Heineken, the world famous brand of Dutch beer, is launching its new events and a new branding campaign.
I love to speak of a branding campaign, because that is something that many do not know because usually we talk about a campaign only if it is of advertising, but this is something else.
I use often Heineken as a yardstick or basis for comparison in other articles because it is definitely onDANCE-MORE-DRINK-SLOW-2e of the companies that doing better the branding worldwide.
In fact which brewer would say to the public to drink less? Only a brand really enlightened, a brand capable of branding campaigns, campaigns that can raise brand value immediately.
These are special campaigns, in which it is not advertised a product, but not even the brand explicitly, what are advertised are the own values. In fact we can see that the slogan “Dance More Drink Slow” of this branding campaign can almost look like a payoff (which instead is “Open Your World”).
What does it mean? It means that instead of being a “slogan” that describes a product or that expresse
s the classic “promise” of the product (the claims), or declaring the intent behind the brand, its own reason-why (the payoff), It is a slogan that expresses a statement of values that are part of the brand in this specific historical period.
Dance More Drink Slow is a campaign, first of all very effective, primarily because instead of the usual boring campaigns against alcohol abuse made by government agencies, it manages to convey the message that is most beautiful and coolest dance more, rather than drink more.
In fact the Dance More Drink Slow events are based in order to understand that is coolest who has been drinking less than those who has been drinking more. But at this point one wonders why a company that sells beer decided to create a brand that for most spent money in promoting the reduction of alcohol use.
Yes, it is true that all are doing it, but between saying “drink responsibly” at the end of an advertisement that talked about anything else and make a whole campaign to restrain the abuse of alcohol, including adv and events, is another thing.
Well, it is clear that Heineken is not, for many years now, a brand of Dutch beer as stated above, Heineken is a superbrand, as are CokDANCE-MORE-DRINK-SLOW-3e or Red Bull. It is not no more what they produce to give the values base at the brand, but are only th
e values in themselves to do it.
The brands as Heineken, with campaigns like Dance More Drink Slow, stand apart from the direct link with the product to embrace themes interesting to a wider audience, not just the ones who likes beer for example, and in doing so they make you want to try the product of a brand that suddenly becomes a supporter of your own values.
For if a brand that sells beer says to drink less seems a contradiction inasmuch should lower the consumption and sales, but actually increases these, in two very specific ways.
First, it become a brand papal candidate for those who usually do not like beer and the usual brands of beer, which in their majority are related to a predominantly male world and as it were “a bit ‘old.” In fact with Dance More Drink Slow I’m sure that Heineken will gain much more feminine public and glamorous in general, even among men. So Heineken becomes a beer that you can drink from the bottle well even in suits in a sophisticated nightclub in down town city that if you did it with another brand of beer you could seem like person of poor taste.
So while it is trying to sell less product to the same people of always, on the other hand you gain by increasing the number of people.
Second, if you deviates from the sponsorship only of the product ypu will become brand of values and not brand of products, which plays a key role in the market of the brand extension and the projects of co-branding.
Declaring good values like it is that of to drink in the right way, you become attractive to other brands because we have become vehicles of positivity so that others will want to do collaborations with us and we can give the our brand also on other product categories, because it is no longer important the what we do, but the how.
So we have another great lesson by Heineken in the management of the brand and its promotion. So … chapeau … indeed, cheers!
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