Damien Hirst, the Value of Personal Branding

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Damien Hirst is one of a very restricted elite of living artists known even by those who did not care for art, like as Vanessa Beecroft, Maurizio Cattelan or Marina Abramovic.
These artists have the ability to communicate that goes beyond the work of which they are creators. Have DNA magnetic, what they do, in one way or another, it draws media attention.
With regard to the media precisely, the distinction is that the newspapers concerned to talk about an artist like Hirst are not so much those of this sector, for which it would be almost trivial even mention Hirst, but the mewspaper for the mass. About Hirst talks the generalist televison networks has never happened before. The question is why? The answer is that Hirst is not only a great artist, but a social phenomenon and the mass media.
Hirt is a concept that transcends his human and artistic form, to become an internal question for each of us.
Hirst is more interesting than what he does.
He is like at Johnny Depp for the cinema, often he is most interesting than the movie.
Think for example to ask a friend if he knows Hirst and then to give you a name of one of his art works, that it is not a simply description of an animal in formaldehyde. Or think of those who know Hirst if he knows something of his ideas, of the spin or the spot painting art?
Among the many who have heard the name of Hirst, only a few interested about this field understand his work, others only know that it is a big name and that’s, in the deep, it really worth his works and everything it touches. Because the value of Hirst has indeed transcended the value of his own art works, so it is not so important to know what it does to know that has value.
But why did this happened?
Hirst as well as being an extremely intelligent artist, which we do not discuss here, has done since the beginning of his career two really important things for his personal branding: has made works that work on basic concepts for each of us, that unconsciously affect everyone, interested in art and not, as is precisely its work on death or dependency, secondly, but equally important is that it has started the activity of parallel entrepreneur continuously collaborating with communication and branding agencies including the close working relationship he had in the nineties with Charles Saatchi.
Let’s face it, Hirst is the most pop of pop artists. Pop artists, pointing out that pop means popular, folk, were in some ways more snobbish than their predecessors, while Hirst has made an art that speaks of popular concepts and not be hidden under a golden radical chic far from great public, but rather it is exposed publicly in magazines all over the world in the flesh without any remorse.
Hirst from this point of view could be even considered shallow by some fundamentalist of living art, because the fact that Hirst’s art is easy to impact on the mass, he use the death, the colors and the advertising with the utmost ease.
But remember, as we always say in spite of the austere philosophies and the untouchable theologies: the superficial things are much better, because have the courage to be touched.

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