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Disorder by Joy Division is part of the album Unknown Pleasures published in June 1979, pure nihilism in the words of frontmen and writer of the words, which laid on the cold perfect geometries of their punk flow slow, freeze the blood of the listener inside a dilated dystopian environment, where fear and anxiety towards everything and everyone is the only feeling that you are apt to feel.
He Curtis, appears to be the lord of anguish, which he slides his nightmares and fears in an emotional transfer like few in the history of music. Icy is the distance from what you listen and who sings, in this continuous stream of gifted and denied emotions.
Their aesthetic, the album cover and the mood of the songs of course, make it scream neo-Nazi ideologies from the official press and well thinkers, which obviously do not understands the value of the proposed project.
True success comes only after the group’s effective output of their two albums. Many have remade and coverized their songs, they played for all 90’s with their punk rock flow, have brought up a couple of generations of lovers of skin grease and skaters.
The biographical film about the frontman of the group explains perfectly vortex of anguish and state of obscure soul, who was forced interspersed with short but vibrant moments of happiness, CONTROL of 2007 directed by Anton Corbijn.

here the trailer of CONTROL

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