CONTRAST! A Bichromatic side of life.

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CONTRAST is the word, the phenomenon of bichromatic is increasingly present in all fields of branding. From fashion to design, inevitably passing from omnipresent and necessary graphic design online and offline,¬†everyone seems to yield to the bichromatic, contrast or shades of two colors are experiencing the revenge of the shadows. Probably arises from past trend editorialization and simplification of the message. It was concluded that this kind of presentation content amp and helps to absorb communication, MINIMALIST is the guideline that accompanies our eye in the graphics of 2015. Very complex how to approach the naked and raw unforgiving, the eye wants its part and should be stimulated and never disappointed. The text accompanying the PICTURE not the opposite. The words flow into enormous images that explain themselves, we return to the perfection of the forms studied, where the subjects of the photos come recognizable forms from our eye, essentially something comfortable. Let’s start with bichromatic, often simply in B / W, then move on to more vivid color with two main colors, the new challenge of HD seems to make good the absolute white, (That appears to glow). Web course this phenomenon comes from the continuous and inexorable rise of personal blogs, where you rely on the two-color to avoid improbable matching. Very often try their hand in the matching of colors leads to results not easy to sell on the web, so the SelfMadeBlogger do well to rely on a right feeling bichromatic and very often in the template made and tested by graphics that know how to balance the text and images. But the actual life of a trend “in place”, as is obvious, is not born from proponents but by users that have made it such. Even in naming and related branding we detected a victory for simplicity that reported the use of fonts rooted in our past but renewed as classics lapidary made more DIGITAL. “Two is enough”, fewer colors and more substance the market has spoken.
The engine of the trend is obviously the fashionprotagonist with that clothing which from the street and from the Active wear takes the soul. Black, technical material or fleece, a classic jeans or jersey, the base is enhanced by contrasting solid colors or textures.
From glossy to matt, to white and black, optical become more squared, gives way to a more imperial iconography. The soul of the trend definitely from the street, or rather from the walls painted by artists who have often hooded enriched the city with the magic of their spray cans. Works often requests from municipalities and private citizens. Now that the graffiti art that is increasingly required by a demanding audience which recognizes that the expression of these artists. More and more incisive is the vein of simplification, it’s back to handwriting, as in graffiti by Ivan Tresoldi, or in the portraits by Orticanoodles, matched as in the tattoo from images made of patches of color less and less defined by outline.
The aesthetic is simplified, it is more enveloping and the atmosphere is relaxing in design.
Dark colors contrasting with little else of bright and vibrant, go to create nests more personal, are emptied of detail and fill voids contrasted by spotlights.
From the street it is institutionalized, thanks to the new generation of heads who decide on their farms. Creating in this way an offer, from the product and service, which is much more fitting and similar to the tastes of an increasingly prepared target.

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