Coma_Cose: four chats, the first Ep and urban attitudes

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Between February and June they released four videos and in October their first Ep, Winter Ticinese was released. Of course I’m talking about Coma_Cose, a duo born almost by chance in the winter of 2016. His name is Fausto Lama, musician and producer, she, voice and face of the group, called Francesca aka California, DJ. How they have met and born their project is a beautiful story: it almost seems like a song by the Baustelle: electronic music, rap, cosmic reflections on everyday life, what they call “urban attitudes” and the Navigli’s.

They both work as a shopkeeper, often talk about music, so between a chit-chat and a cigarette, there is a desire to try to do something together. What comes out? Something really good. We met them in the “Inverno Ticinese” launch party and decided that they would be interviewed.

We understand, reading about you, that you are not very helpful in explaining the meaning of your name. So I will not start the interview with this question, I just wonder how are you?

Thanks, we’re pretty busy.

On October 13, your first EP “InvernoTicinese” came out, we really liked it, but since we heard it, we have a question that shakes in the head: but in the end did you understand what France has to do with the chips?

Searching on the web we found this: ‘The French claim that French fries were invented in Paris in 1789 during the French Revolution following a campaign by Antoine Parmentier to promote potatoes in France.’

Whether it is true or not, it is probably not known, but the fact that we are in the middle of the revolution is in the gas.

InvernoTicinese was released after a few videos posted from February to now in the web that have certainly intrigued, but not an odd choice?


The Navigli, Ticinese, that part of Milan that does not look like Milan, how did it affect you?

Surely in our songs there are so many areas we inhabit. The darsena, the columns, and the way to Giambellino, in short, the southern part of Milan is our micro-cosmos and is both our white sheet and our vocabulary. Let’s talk about what we live and all that surrounds us is a great source of inspiration.

Battisti, Celentano, De Gregori, in your lyrics and in your arrangements there are clear references to the Italian songwriter, a mix that, while listening to your EP, winds naturally. How did you combine this with the trap and rap?

It would be like asking Cracco how he managed to match the lobster with the mushrooms, our living is made of old disks and the latest super underground stuff we spot on Spotify. You enjoy mixing a bit of everything, otherwise, do you know that bothering the genera predefined?

Discomfort, love and anger, these are the themes you treat. How much does social complaint you have and what do we have to expect from you?

In songs such as ‘Cannibalism’ and ‘Golgota’, but in the last ‘French Fries’ are clear the intent of social criticism … is not that why the music is born? Love is something superpartes and is the ink with which we write the songs, anger is the gasoline.

Vengo dal niente e voglio tutto, mi gira in testa da un po’ (I come from nothing and I want everything, I turn to my head for a while). It’s a powerful phrase, it looks like the mirror of our day.

This ‘slogan’ was born as we came home after seeing Oasis ‘Supersonic’ movie, Manchester like Milan! Apart from the jokes, this phrase represents us a lot and brings with us all that Punk desire we put into our approach to music.

Your next programs?

We are working on new pieces, but for now it’s still all working progress, there have been many live requests and we will soon be leaving for a first round of dates.

Now a question that no one will ever do to you: What does Coma_Cose mean?

Quite busy, thank you.



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