COACHELLA! The entertainment made in South California!

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Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival

The Weekend are two, are the central ones of April, in the sunny south of California, midway between the mountains and the desert, slightly south of Palm Springs, next to the billionaire Indian Wells, we find Indio, quiet and classic Californian town, which since 1999 has become the Host of one of the largest festivals of art and music in the world, the “Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival”, widely known as the Coachella.
6 days in total, two weekends of music, art and now also gourmet street food. In this beautiful setting, the Coachella has seen in 17 springs, 15 festivals, with the coming 16th. The expectations are great, for all those young and not, that will be reversed in the streets of Southern California, in those six days of just fun in the name of music and art. From a few hours was released lineup of this year’s event, there are many new faces and inevitable, as Ellie Goulding, Calvin Erris, Ice Cube, Zed, Guns N’ Roses, A$AP Rocky, Sia ed i Major Lazer to name a few. The names increase as every year, ranging in all genres of music.

With ever increasing numbers since 1999 both of visitors from around the world, and revenue, it is considered “the” American Music Festival, in fact in 2014 grossed 78 million USD, with over ½ million visitors, according to Billboard, which has made the estimates.
With the increasing popularity in the years we have seen increasing participation of big names in international music. For this now it becomes a stage of confirmation, for the career of the young artists who want an international feel for their art.
By Producer / DJ singer is one of the most challenging and important stages at the moment. Amy Winehouse, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, Prince, Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire, Wu-Tang Clan, The Killers, Radiohead, Daft Punk, Madonna, The Cure, Kanye West, Eminem, Gorillaz, The Black Keys, Rage Against the Machine, Beck, Nine Inch Nails, the Strokes, the White Stripes, Jay-Z, Beastie Boys, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters in many in these 17 years have set foot on that stage.
To underline that there is no party without David Hasselhoff, who clocks in every year. The musical genres ranging from rock to indie, hip hop to electronic.
All this is topped by the art that the event target prefers, installations large and small, of various natures that are linked by a spirit of freedom and desire to break, which is typical of the target dreamer of this kind of festival.
It is inevitable for the protagonists of the event exceed with makeup, wigs and outfits, from nostalgic hippies who nostalgically recalls a time he never lived, that of Woodstock to speak, until the ultra tech, through the shabby.
By the the proceeds it shows that the target is large. The concept pre – millennium, was developed by illuminated members of Generation X that well have raised a vigorous generation Millennials.

But the brand is?
The brand of Coachella, with the time, has become a well-defined image in the minds of those who were there and who would like to go, music at sunset squeezed between the mountains and the desert, is the charm of Southern California, that never sets.
It is a giant playground where everyone, absolutely everyone, have a chance to have fun, which is the force that drives the whole machine, the entertainment, the desire to enjoy three / six days, that young and older want to give them themselves.
It came into the trio of festivals that are making history and the memories of a couple of generations.

The first in order of time is the Burning Man that since ’91, gives an annual 8 days post apocalyptic holiday, in the salt flats from Black Rock in Nevada, not far from Reno, this festival is an injection of art and music, in this case the whole is offered by the guests, who want to organize can organize. Are not accepted money, there is barter and nothing else, it is a beautifully extrapolated from a movie of those that go so much in recent years, or one of the colossal 80s that launched Mel Gibson.
The other is Tomorrowland, European response to the two festivals Americans. Music, art and a huge crowd. For the very young festival, the 2016 will be the 11th edition.
In short, the Coachella is one of the destinations of international entertainment, which gives dreams for 6 days per year to artists and guests.
The strength of this festival is obviously the social overexposure, indeed the edition of last year was one of the most shared on instagram and twitter. April puts a strain on the servers of the social network.
And this is, probably, that has increased enormously the value of a brand, which is perfect for the historic moment, for its target and for their older brothers.


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