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We have always said that the difference between a company and a brand is that the brand has a mental representation in the collective imagination, that exists in the minds of consumers as an image, as a world apart in which are in force values that interface with those expressed by the culture of the dominant society.
As we all know, everyone has an idea of the world and of every thing constitutes it.
But there are some similarities of thought that exist within the social clusters. Social clusters work mainly according to the cultural level, the type of culture, the religion, though less influential than in the past as well as political affiliation, the economic background, age and sex. We say that these are the main, but then there are infinite possibilities.
For example, just think if we were to do a clustering based on musical or culinary preferences, how many types of selection may exist.
According to our needs it may also be that the principles of secondary discrimination could be most influential than the primary ones. This just to tell you that everything has to be evaluated as appropriate.
Returning to us, these clusters sometimes exist as real social groups.
For example, the first rockers in the ’50s were not only a cluster selected based on musical tastes, but they were real social groups, often in antagonism with others and with the dominant society.
In particular moments of history, many would say, even the fact to be of a different economic extractions has brought to live manifestations of hate between clusters.
The politics for example has almost always lived aversion between clusters, the gender is another watershed that is not always coexist well.
What interests us is to understand how these clusters influence the purchases and why brands need to take into account changes occurring in society between different clusters.
The speech I am going to do talks about a situation that has the maximum exposure of this phenomenon in fashion industry, cause clothing is perhaps the primary means of social communication of any cluster, not only economic, but also cultural or of thought.
The fact is that when two or more clusters are in conflict with each other, products purchased from a cluster immediately become one of the things to which stay away for clusters antagonists.
Years ago, I remember fervent discussions on how the economic rise of African Americans of hip-hop culture, cause they began to show off their achievement of economic elite status, by showing products that was usually linked instead to the high elite company mostly Anglo-Saxon and in any case by whitish.
The question concerned if people of high economic and cultural extraction of white society who wore Ralph Lauren, they would continue to buy their products even if the polo player on horseback, it appeared embroidered on many of the clothes worn in the rap video by African Americans came from the ghetto.
The rich whites would have agreed to be not more distinguished, even through clothing, from the blacks from the ghetto? The brands involved, from Ralph Lauren to Ferrari, from Gucci to Rolex, what they would have to do? Accompany these new cluster with adv campaigns dedicated to them or disown to avoid losing loyal customers.
Let’s say that everyone has activated its policies and mostly successfully. More than choose on who bet, seems that the compromise has won in most cases, with the creations of sports and casual lines that have big logos, so that were going to satisfy the desire to show the success achieved of the African Americans and on the other hand going to almost eliminate the logos from the high lines, so that the white elite does not change their shopping habits and doing them still keeping the detachment to which they were so attached because suddenly the white elite began to feel tacky showing logos, creating the trend no-logo.
It looks bad to say, but the reality is not bad because the differences are what makes us do more experiments and grow, the ongoing attempt to emulation, rather than to keep their distance are a large gym of social movements that would otherwise remain static and less evolutionary .
Moreover, one must say that we spoke here above about a very important example and that somehow marked a break with the existing paradigm, but we must take into account that these clusters and the relative forces of attraction or rejected always exist and always influence the tastes and purchases.
I’ll give an example that I always notice and that anyone can see. In Europe you see very few people politically of left smoke the famous cigarettes with the box white and red with black writing, and you can see that they are much more likely to smoke cigarette brands from the so-called colors of the earth, then mostly brown and sand, and in some cases the blue.
Why? Because red is presidential, is authoritarian, expresses establishment, you notice it! All the things that people of left does not like. While love the contact with the earth, loves people and things that do not show off themselves and for that they prefer pastel colors related to nature.
Let me be clear, all cigarette brands are part of multinational tobacco companies and give you cancer, so it is not that one is so different from others.
It is the psychological aspect of belonging to a cluster that dictates these and many other choices, which among other things, people are conscious of belonging, but unaware of the fact that almost all their purchases are determined by passive acceptance of the implicit rules of the cluster and have behaviors associated with these factors.
That’s the reason why for a brand is critical always monitor the movements that take place in society, as you have to decide the best policies to accommodate the cluster target of our products and in the case to decide what forces follow.

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