Club Culture: Carlo Mognaschi and the Q21

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Q”If those walls could talk,” says Carlo Mognaschi, speaking of his club the Q21, one of the most important club clubs in Milan.
Carlo has nearly 30 years of console behind him, so he does not need any big presentations. Also because, as he explained to us, “that fire in” that he felt to possess at the beginning of his career, “that passion for music and to make the people who are in front of me well are unchanged.”
So who, if not him, could inaugurate Mattlumine’s trip to club culture?
I had to wait a while to get his answers, but the wait was widely repayed!
What are we waiting for? Let’s start with the interview!

The Q21 is a cutting-edge club and is, above all, one of the clubs that have made the history of Milan’s club culture. Would you tell me about the history of your club?

“The” Q “was born at the end of 99, at a time when investing money and energy in the Clubbing world could still make sense. It lasted for 3 years, then for a shine it became an Arabic place: from house to belly dance, if those walls could talk! In the “transition period” I spent a couple of years in Barcelona, two years in managing a cultural association, Loft 21, alongside the Arabs, laborious because at that time the annonari did not work and keep you under control , Until 2010, when I realized that it was the right time to get the room to work together with Mauro, known a year earlier, and Fabrizio, the architect who conceived it, a gayfriendly Club that would take Inspired by the great European Capital Clubs. If I thought this year I would have started with the same enthusiasm the eighth season? Obviously, everyone starts with great dreams, unfortunately the experience of the last night’s night entertainment shows us that our dreams break in a blink of an eye and the average life of a club is getting shorter (I write with one hand alone and with the other I touch the balls). ”

How has club culture changed over these years?

“Taking as a yardstick the” gatherings “of 1988 in the kindergarten on the English Channel, where we began to know a Carl Cox or Paul Oakenfold or felt for the first time the still unique today voice of Crystal Waters, and thinking about reality as a Tomorrowland or if we want to stay in our house, a Social Music City, the comparison is merciless. But I’m an ingenious optimist, and I do not mind that subtle feeling that many of us have to keep dancing on a Titanic. I still think that there is still a good amount of small and large places in the globe, to get to the morning loaded with the same beautiful energy of the golden years. ”

While in the public? What changes did you notice?

“A Significant Decline in the Age of Clubbers!”

Your events are well-structured and consolidated, what kind of creative process is the basis?

“Every evening has its own crazy team: on friday it has happened more than once to conclude the odd ideas that come to my frequent sleep over the midweek nights. My circadian rhythms after 30 years of sleepless weekend have gone bitches, (can you say whores?). One night I remembered that I was able to interact with the rope with the laser, and for a season closure I hung 2,000 rope strings on the ceiling, in the video they take them for optic fibers …

This year, back to artistically direct the q | LAB evening one of the “Founding Fathers”: Stefano Libertini Protopapa.
On Saturday, the Toilet evening is carried by a team of good guys who in the past years printed their flyers to death with written in EquiToilet and placed them on the windshield of the cars, so I think I have made enough the idea. On Sunday morning, Bianca and Andrea come from “La Messa”, a historic Milan evening, and with their background they seek new methods each week to entertain their aficionados. I’m on a war with them on a front: they love the machine of soap bubbles, a marching party that in the short term destroys any nearby electronic equipment. ”

Do you think that the music scene has evolved in good or bad in recent years?

“I do not totally belong to the category of those nostalgic of the good old days, I was lucky enough to experience the best the enthusiasm of the early 90’s but I always had an inordinate curiosity for the novelty, the new sound, you hear for the first time and find it modern. For me there has been evolution, not involution: I find that they still produce wonderful music today, it is only more difficult to find it in the midst of the “foul” sea that is poured on the market every day. ”

Let ‘s talk about you? How did you ever choose Milan?

“In Milan I arrived in 97, for love, after a lot of wanderings for Italy. There has been a long time when I considered the event of my life that if I went back, with a magic wand I would not do it again. Then it grows old, and the famous “big picture” that you start to see makes you feel better even with the most stormy events. If I did not account for the radio experience of the 82 down Piemonte, I started playing music in a disco in Genoa in 1988, with a head-worn old wig wearing a long aunt, my first and only “Transvestite” experience). It is shortly to my 30 years of console, but that fire inside that I had in those days, that passion for music and make life better for the people in front of me, were unchanged. If I had done so to satisfy my ego, as many of my teammates have always done, the fact that some of today’s kids call me “Padre Pio” would create enormous imbalances, on the contrary when he told me I was made big laugh. ”


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