Cinema: from Rogue One to Moana, the most popular films at Christmas

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Nothing like winter, with its cold and his laziness, brings the desire to rediscover the pleasure of going to the movies. More than any other time of year. It is not a coincidence that during the winter, and especially during the holiday season, to be shown in theaters around the world the most anticipated movies of the moment.
Also this time the box office success was expected and predictable, commensurate with the scale of the programming films. And so, two years from Big Eyes, returned the genius of Tim Burton, who, with his latest masterpiece inspired by the global success bestseller written by the american writer Ransom Riggs, has dug the box office.
This Burton’s movie retains the title of Riggs’ novel: the original Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.
Distributed by 20th Century Fox, was released in US cinemas on September 30th of 2016. Until the end of the year grossed worldwide $ 280 million and, considering that in many countries the projection is not yet complete, the figure is expected to increase.
Really surprising, when you consider that in 2014 Big Eyes had just passed the $ 14 million, disappointing expectations. But this time, despite the contrasting criticism, the history of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is part of the full Burton style, between gothic and grotesque, and characters recall old glories of the one who remains one of the most iconic Hollywood directors.
And until the last weekend of 2016, it was almost a head to head between what Miss Peregrine and Moana, with regard to the receipts. Yes, because the new feature film signed Disney, directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, has dominated the box office during the end of year festivities, with a very high presence in the cinemas. But with the beginning of 2017, the success of the classic 56th Disney is really unstoppable and in the first week of the new year the gain has exceeded the threshold of $ 400 million.
But, unattainable, the highest grossing film for the holidays just ended is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, simply known as Rogue One, directed by Gareth Edwards.
Nothing unexpected. What is affection or devotion, the general public feeling for the universe that revolves around Star Wars is the main reason why Rogue One, the first film in the Star Wars Anthology series, brings all to see the movie, with the curiosity that only a giant of world cinema history can arouse.
So the film, distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, has grossed so far about $ 830 million, surpassing by more than three times the cost of production.
It’s for the magical atmosphere and climate muffled in this time of year that the fantasy genre remains the leader of the presences on the big screen during the winter holiday. To prove it, the last work directed by Steven Spielberg, the undisputed king of a Hollywood who dreams and makes dream, perfect to watch for warmth in days so rigid. The film’s title is The BGF, the first Spielberg’s work produced and distributed by Walt Disney. Adapted from a novel by Roald Dahl, it appeared in Italian cinemas on December 30 of 2016 and the first weekend of the year grossed € 1 million and 300 thousand, which add to the total of $ 242.7 million dollars earned in the rest of world, where the film has already been distributed in the second half of last year.
But when it comes to going to the movies, you know, everyone is guided by taste and instinct. A little bad. The important thing is going.

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