Children analog, digital at twenty: a generation call Xennial!

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I suppose they let me write this article to me, not because I have an authoritative voice, but because I am the most “old” of the editorial. Well, in a Millennial editorial I come back for a breath between the Xennial! Actually, I would be part of both generations, but let’s go ahead.
The Xennial would be a “middle generation” born between 1977 and 1983, who knew both the pre-digital and the one that came after, succeeding in adapting to two completely different worlds. “A unique experience,” according to Dan Woodman, associate professor at Melbourne University, who points out how Xennial has been able to successfully cross the end of an era and the beginning of another.
Xennial are not part of the Millennials, born between 1982 and 2004, but even the disappointed and pessimistic Generation X, born between 1965 and 1980. Analogous when they were children and already digital at the age of twenty. You can also see it like this: “If you remember seeing Star Wars movie at Cinema when you were a child you’re part of Generation X. If you were born in the period when output is the original Star Wars trilogy (1977-1983), are one xennial. If you were born between the end of the first trilogy and the special editions (since 1997), you are a millennial”.
We would be those of serene and teenage childhood without social networking, those who, according to Woodman: “They held meetings with friends only by phone calls from fixed telephones: an appointment was made and they met at that hour, but they knew Adapt to the web and now they do everything through apps ». In short, we would be the living symbol of man’s ability to adapt.
If you wish to go on memory lane Xennial we are the last generation to know that, when the cassette is jammed in the tape to fix everything had only a pencil.
But do not belittle us so, please! We were the first to buy an iPhone, the first to appreciate its potential.
We are the generation that installed the ADSL and we were also the first to understand that to connect to the Internet we no longer had to keep the phone line free.
We will not have the pessimism of Generation X and Millennial’s optimism, but we are also disappointed and forgotten by both. We are a hybrid generation, who listened to good music and went to watch extraordinary movies at the cinema. We are the ones that university reforms have undergone, for which education and training was all.
We have also adapted to that shift from hard work to flexibility and that are now around the world wondering if one day they will be able to call a home.
But we were still young enough when the economy collapsed, we had not invested much yet, we did not lose homes and pensions. Unlike many X generation.
We are, to put it all, those who can still do it!

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