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In the beginning was the
traditional cuisine, then came the fast food revolution, then the counter-reform of slow food and now comes Cibo Supersonico! (Supersonic Food)
The idea came four years ago to Francesca when she created a blog that worked as a personal organizer that helped her remember the recipes, the dishes she liked most.
The thing then took hold of her, Francesca invited her friends and if the dishes she was creating were successful they were brought back to the blog.
When Chiara appeared in Francesca’s life, more or less in the last year and a half, Cibo Supersonico took a different turn. Chiara had traditional eating habits, “pasta, bread and cappuccino were in her top ten”, explains Francesca, who instead tends to try a kitchen mostly plant-based, but that must be good.
“Then slowly, knowing me, my skills in the kitchen and my food choices Chiara began to discover the taste of so many things she had never tried before because she was very skeptical. When he began to appreciate this approach to food, he also started to do his own and put the enthusiasm”, Francesca told me during our long phone talk.
Talking with her is interesting, Francesca is friendly and talkative, you understand right away that s
he is very competent and she likes what she does.
But let’s go ahead with the story. At this point they began to make small events: “Between us was born the habit of going to cook at our friends’ house to create events where we all get together” explains Francesca, who has the task of cooking, while friends should just go to the grocery store. Yes, because they do not ask for more, “But it’s a very nice exchange because people have learned through us to appreciate things they did not think about as good,” says Francesca, “because many people in the vegan and vegetarian world are holding back a little”. And it is not wrong because it raises the hand who has not tried those “veg” foods from supermarket and did not pronounce the phrase “never again!”.
Now that we understand their purpose, you definitely want to know why call Cibo Supersonico? I asked. And Francesca’s response is much more interesting than I could think: “One of my most important points in my life is music, happiness, whatever I do that is of some relevance is accompanied by a musical tone. It also happens with the creation of a plate, there is always a musical mood to accompany the preparation of the fast food, so in a supersonic way. Because the preparations I make are always uncomplicated, I do so to reduce fatigue, I want to bring these recipes to everyone’s life. Because the recipe can be a thing that a mother can do, which anyone can work and not have time to open the cans. Instead, I want to make sure that you get the speed of the good plate accompanied by a nice musical mood and if vegetable-based even better!”.
“In the name there is something to remember that the food is vegan,” says Francesca, “because the label itself, I do not like it. It is clear that it draws, but it is also clear that it separates. So if we just have to define it: it’s a vegetable-based, seasonal, and whole-style cooking!”.

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Are you curious now to know how it might be a supersonic dish? I too have been and so I asked and Francesca answered me candidly: “we could think of spaghetti cacio and pepper”. “But how?” I thought I was perplexed and she immediately continued explaining: “You will wonder but do I kiss it as if it is a cheese and vegans do not consume cheese? Instead it’s fast, the recipe I’ve never given it and I do not know if I’ll ever give it, but it’s easy to create. It’s a sausage based on cashew nuts, lemon, pepper and they say nothing else because it’s a Supersonic dish that can be discovered in supersonic encounters. Because then I want to know people who are curious!”.
Should I organize a dinner with Francesca and Chiara, it has become obvious. “Curiosity means making discoveries, so it’s our job,” she points out.
But if you are curious and want to discover their recipes, even if you are not in Italy, supersonic girls are very social. They have a Youtube channel and they also experiment here. It all started with pills on Instagram, organized by Fast Veg Menu, where Francesca was preparing vegetarian sushi. But their latest videos are much more interesting. They are videos shot with a GoPro during their dinners. “Let’s turn the GoPro at dinners at home with our friends and at the end of the evenings we set them up to give an idea of how the evening went. So we can see the true expressions of people, their feelings during the tasting and the sincere first approach. Because then the GoPro will forget you, it’s so small and black that it blends in the evenings with soft lights”.
An important feedback considered that during the evenings Francesca is in the kitchen and Chiara is always the movement among the diners. Then obviously there are Cibo Supersonico pills, videos that deal with food-related topics with competent guests.
Even during dinners are always mindful of food intolerances and allergies. Their duty is to understand that your life does not end if you can not eat a particular food. Supersonic girls help to get around these issues by teaching them to have as much food as possible, cooking good, tasty, and fast.
“Maybe we’ll talk together and explain how to make that dish and how to adapt,” says Francesca, who is said to be super passionate about finding out what can be done when a doctor diagnoses an intolerance. It is clear that his passion for cooking comes from being small and does it with determination and attention but also having fun.
In short, I like supersonic girls. So I did meddler. As usual and I asked Francesca how a couple could work together and she responded as usual with naturalness: “The beautiful thing is we are different, I’m a carabiner when I cook and Chiara has to stay far away. But I never invade her task that is to entertain. In fact we are compatible, one compensates for the other and that’s what works, which makes us understand that we are companions and one is the pride of the other. ”
They still have no idea what their future is, they imagine using a van to distribute Tibetan Momos around the Brianzola and Milan provinces. Certainly Supersonic Food is growing and tangible is their desire to share their values.

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