A chaotic review of an amazing album: me and Levante

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It came out, already, a few weeks “Nel caos di stanze stupefacenti”, the new album of Levante, published by Carousel Records. But I’m ready to write just now.
I thought I would have devoured him, as happened with “Manuale distruzione” and “Abbi cura di te.” But it did not happen. This does not mean that I don’t like the Levante’s “third son”. It is that we grew up both me and her. Two years have passed from the exit of Abbi cura di te, and maybe we are matured, I don’t listen to music in the same way and she writes albums which it is legitimate to dedicate the right time. You have to listen to it and listened back to be carried by the songs that the composer wrote. “A disk entirely conceived, designed and written by Levante,” explains the note that accompanies the record release. Levante “has had an active role in defining the guidelines of the artistic production of twelve songs that masterfully tell feelings and emotional states: love, distance, intimacy, lack of communication, jealousy, complicity, loneliness, disappointment and expectations”.
Yes, the times of Alfonso, are distant, although occasionally there is still the need to exclaim sad: “What a shitty life.” Today Levante no more tells herself, or rather not only tells herself, but with a sharp eye looks at the world and describes it with her glare and his dark pests. Issues such as violence against women, homosexuality have been reworked in his own way, giving life to songs like “Santa Rosalia”, or “Gesù Cristo sono io”. Never obvious, never dull, never the victim. Thus texts are born like this: “Per tutte le spine del mondo/ i chiodi piantati nel cuore/ questo e il mio sangue/ questo è il mio corpo/ li porto via amore/ confessa che sei il demonio nella testa/ che mi trascina sempre giù/ confessa che il paradiso non mi spetta/ che non mi sono genuflessa/ che da te risorgo anche io”. (For all the world pins / nails planted in the heart / this is my blood / this is my body / I take them away love / confesses that you’re the devil in the head / dragging me always down / confesses that heaven I I / I’m not kneeling / that you rise again even I)
“Non me ne frega niente” , the first single from the album is a perfect portrait of our times. “I am very attached to the network, but it’s critical the rudeness and the heavy mode,” says the singer. And indeed the struggle between hater and dependence on social are one of the scourges of our time.
But despite this connection with reality that surrounds it, “In the chaos of drugs” rooms he does not betray the intimate search, that Levante told us in previous jobs. In fact, for the presentation of the disc he has told: “If only my mother, years later, she could see the room where I was finished I might have saved her from all falls made stumbling always and only about myself, over slippery mirrors that do not never broke (at least not broke!).
In that room I met the worst monsters, fought against loneliness, faced threats and fears, always and only because of that disorder which, for a long time, did not make me find the key to open the door that separated me from right thing.
“Do the right thing.”
“Follow the golden footsteps”
“Follow the silver skies”
There were too many to talk to me and lived all this stupid body. They fell, a million times, I found other doors, yes, but the key to the right thing did not find it never, never before falling face to the ground and hurt.
So bad.
“Nel caos di stanze stupefacenti” is a record full of all this.That will open all the doors for you my third child» has concluded Levante.
This period is also released her first book “If I see you do not exist”, published by Rizzoli, with inexcusable delay admit to not having read it yet. But soon I make it up!

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