Chanel Catwalk: 30 years of Karl Lagerfeld

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Karl Lagerfeld

About Chanel, About Karl!
In a few days will be published an anthology, we can call it that, by the name Chanel Catwolk, 30 years of collaboration with Karl, the most iconic silhouette of the fashion system.
Karl Lagerfeld, white tail, blacks glasses and leather gloves with cut ends, icon of himself and of the fashion house that he ferried through two centuries.
Impeccable, has brought new life to the brand with its vehemence and ability to play with the shape of the woman and her colors, her obsessions and her materials, the first to have tied a model to a brand making her an ambassador, Inès De la Fressange, a decade icon and muse of the designer, at least for a short time, because we know that in business as in art, relationships are fickle and that one of the three, Chanel – Karl – Inès has not been outdone.
The book upcoming May 16, 2016, is a look book that recounts 30 years of work, a parade long a life, with escorts as Inès, Naomi and Cara, a glimpse of the history of costume and Woman.
Him, instead, is a brand which has reported to the top one of the most desired, worn and copied fashion brands of the history of costume.
A few days ago we saw the Cruise 16/17 fashion show in the picturesque setting of Cuba, the first time that the fashion landed on the sunny coast of the island, at least for work. A long marble promenade, 160 meters of walkway in the center of Havana’s Paseo del Prado, including actors, former models and historic legacies of Cuba as Castro’s nephew, Antonio Castro, the grandson of the leader maximo and future model.
It was a mix of styles like is any Cruise, a combination of the vaguely snobbish, metropolitan Parisian style, with the style of a colorful pre-revolution Cuba, quiet holiday destination of the good society of America, which has left a piece of years 50s and Hollywood glamor that with the slightly faded colors lives perhaps only here now.

Among panama, big red stripes and berets with a vague feeling of the times that are gone, the show runs smoothly in front of the eyes of an audience of Vip and insiders equally known.
After all we are talking about Chanel, which with Karl in recent years, they have accustomed us to blatant shows, like all those in Le Grand Palais that always make news.
Always on the catwalk with the most beautiful women of the fashion history to carry on the legacy of Coco.
And Karl that always, because 30 years we can define it “always”, reinterprets and creates immortal forms, as the founder.
So is the case of reviving Coco, by starting the book with his quote: “Fashion passes, style remains.”


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