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Something smarter than creating a system that would explain the birth of the universe and how each of its fundamental mechanics I do not believe exists. From CERN we expect the answers to the great questions of life, but especially the greatest: where we come from? With the continuous discoveries and scientific explanations based on data demonstrable, who knows maybe one day it will stop the religious conflicts that plague the earth and men always. Maybe, but now let us have this wonderful scientific institute and because it is a symbol of intelligence.

Because it shows intelligence not only for what is its primary function of scientific research but also because CERN, which was established in 1954 and that (despite) accommodates within its organization members and funding from different countries, mainly European, it works as an organization and as a brand! And it works pretty well.

One of those rare cases where things are going smoothly and this is definitely a sign of intelligence.

In this historical problematic period, CERN seems one of the few places where work only intelligent people and where ignorant polemics that too often invade other places dedicated to the highest levels of the company does not exist.

If we look at how they work together at CERN for years without ever heard just one controversy and then instead we focus our eyes on continuous clashes between different factions that always we see as in a stadium in the various parliaments, including the European, it make us think that the real brains are there.

Indeed CERN is proving to be the best symbol of the strength of the European Union and cooperation with the rest of the globe, even better than the European Parliament, is proving true cultural engine of the old continent, where there is no room for the foolishness of those who still fights because it comes from one country rather than another, or because it represents a culture rather than another.

That said, CERN is also a symbol of intelligence management and for what regard to us, clearly, of branding.

Indeed a nice aspect of this scientific institution is that in recent years, thanks to the continued rise in public attention to scientific discoveries, CERN has become a real brand.

Yes, brand management has followed a trend very important, fundamental in the growth of the new society and secure foundations on which grow the new generations: the truth is scientific and for this, science is a interest of all.

What scientists discover, it is no longer just a their matter; civil and educated society today wants to know directly what is discovered and is willing to change the beliefs of a lifetime in a short time.

This is demonstrated by the simple fact that the mass media organisms that form public opinion (newspapers, magazines, blogs and TV) have almost all a section dedicated to scientific and technological discoveries, if not even dedicated publications.

This focus has propelled institutions such as CERN, or the already famous NASA, edutainment brand from a lot of time, but also people from the world of science as Higgs, Hawging (if you write Stephen on Google his one is the first name suggested) and also awakened in all of us a desire to dust off the great Einstein and his thoughts about the life.

So, for accuracy, is the edutainment the sector branding of CERN. Because if you think the CERN only make experiments with electrons, protons and neutrinos you are wrong, CERN does also a good branding, which we believe also has a remarkable ability to upgrade in the coming years.

What means make edutainment in the branding for the CERN?

In practice it means to let live the space of CERN at the public, cooperate with other institutions for different types of projects and explain to people what is done daily at CERN, have fun as you was in vacation.

In the theory it is to make become a subject, transverse to its birth function, to be a vehicle of values useful in various practices.

CERN has shown itself as great actor in recent years in creating, perhaps a little ‘less in the promotioning, a variety of events related to science and nature. Today at Cern or under its auspices there are permanent exhibitions, events related to the cinema, music festivals, there are guided underground tours, but also for biking on the beautiful land between Switzerland and France on which it stands, or rather It hides its ring structure.

You can find all the news for entertainment on the site: while for any other information, including collaborations with students, connect to the home site of CERN

In the end a point on the logo, which unlike the institutional logos, usually related to history and not too close to the contemporary, also the logo of CERN has scored a point in his favor.

In fact, keeping a institutional rigidity of a corporate logo, tangible in the chosen font with back classic aesthetics, is graphically appealing and with a not so subtle allusion to the history, reproposes us in vectors, the various accelerators built over time, and their various grafts.

Explains the clean vision of a future that has as a technology collaborator who always looks forward winking policy respecting the planet and international collaboration.

From Wikipedia []

A laboratory for peace. At CERN, people from all parts of the world meet, collaborate, discuss. They manage to work together people from countries at war with each other, such as Israelis and Palestinians. In this sense, the CERN is a laboratory of peace.

In our opinion, the best corporate brand in Europe.

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