Carolì and the challenge with herself: a childish art that makes adults think

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One day, her father and mother said: «Carolina, in a couple of months, we have to move. This is your bag: put in everything you can». The old century had just left for the new one. In early 2000, Argentina was struck by a tremendous economic crisis. The echo overwhelmed the warm and peasant lands, but also the capital of Buenos Aires. Carolina was 13 years old, someone would have found himself in this story: how can you decide which affections to carry with you and what items to leave forever?

She managed to put in as many toys as possible, but she could not bring her drawings and her rough paintings that she had hanged in her bedroom. Today she’s 30 and those paintings are still in her head, evolved and refined, but without detaching too much. Carolì – this is her artistic name – grew up in Padua and she goes often to Rome, whose walls have begun to welcome her murals. Painter, the artist recently faced the outside world by holding spray cans. She admits, with humility, that she has so much to learn and refine, she assimilates and asks for advice to those has painted between his fingers. in Padua her works have begun to break out. One has a very delicate theme: the fight against women violence:
«It was all born from a bar’s shutter in the center that I painted and “Polis Group”, who supports and helps people in difficulty, liked this work and asked me to make a new mural. I was very happy, I felt ready to accept this assignment: I like to do things with a definite message. My work is not just aesthetic. It’s good to be attracted to the colors, but gradually the work must convey something».

There is no obvious reference to female violence in the mural. In her intent there was no idea of ​​representing cruelty, but in contrast, Carolì transmits energy and strength by reasoning for opposing concepts. Only the closed eyes of portrayed female faces leave a sense of anxiety and subjugation yet: only when the woman is respected in her integrity then at that moment her eyes will be able to open again.
Carolì says that she is a non-perfectionist of the contours, she likes being out of the lines and somewhat reflects her personality. Her characters are catapulted in a timeless dimension: silhouettes from circus, ballet dancers, bowler hats, flowers and colorful costumes are fragmentary reminiscences of her past. Towards Argentina, in childhood, but without nostalgia: «As a child I was very attracted to the circus and the theater: at school when there were annual plays, I drawn and built the scenery. I was a bit rebellious, never integrated and I liked being alone, without melancholy, but simply because I imagined and created other worlds».

It’s a childish line, the line of 12-13 years young girl, when her life broke in two, an Argentinean Carolina and an Italian Carolina. The difficult approach to a new reality, the lack of linguistic interaction, the lack of feeling high, the continual feeling of inferiority. All this is the past, in Padua everything seems to be in hand in a city that breathes with the positive and creative human relationships that set up.
After all, Carolì had to simply pick up the brushes and sew her life. She confesses: «My grandparents and other relatives of Italian origin, when they came to Argentina, brought me many gifts, and among them there was a fantastic case of colors». Colors, circus, fantasy. It was suffice to merge the dots.

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