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Call Me by Your Name, the new film by Luca Guadagnino, premiered at the 2017 Sundance Festival, is the new director’s masterpiece. The theme is very delicate, obviously treated in a very discreet way by the director. The film is based on the book by André Aciman, adapted and directed by Guadagnino, about a summer love that completely changes the life of one of the protagonists.

In 1983, a hot summer is overwhelming the life of the seventeen-year-old Elio. He is the educated and sensitive musician more than his friends and peers, he, every summer, spends his holidays in the family villa.

His father is a university professor who as every year hosts a foreign student to work on his doctoral thesis. The arrival of Oliver, a twenty-four-year-old American, a beautiful boy with unobtrusive ways, will upset Elio’s life, who falls in love with him. Long walks, swims and discussions between the two young guy give rise to a overwhelming and irrepressible desire.

Luca Guadagnino is one of the few Italian directors whose works have international resonance, before we have – I’m Love – in 2009, where he directed Tilda Swinton.
He treats often impossible love, in fact in – I am love – Tilda matriarch of a wealthy Milanese family, under the sun of the Italian summer, falls in love with a chef, the best friend of his son. All him films suffer from a light melancholy, a slowness that never bores, but love in one way always wins.

So, we look forward to seeing it in the halls, the sony has bought the rights for distribution, waiting we have to be concerned about I am the love.

here some words on I’m love

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