Brooklyn Beckham: the new photographer for “The Brit”

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It was recently announced the name of the photographer of the upcoming advertising campaign for Burberry, is not a new name on the payroll of the British company, Brooklyn Beckham. Borned Millennials, showed a post after the other on the social preferred by the generation in question, his eye with strong inclination to the snapshot. On this choice, there have been many criticisms, has sparked the ire of the photographers, those professionals for instance, that after so many years of work can be seen taking off such important work, such as a young “social” photographer!
It is certain that from Brand’s point of vie was definitely not a bad choice, far from, in fact the young Brooklyn has a high sales potential.
He was called to shoot a new campaign for Brit, the Brand Perfume.
Young Target, younger then the classical brand, for the perfume, which is certainly used to being influenced, every day, by a different unusual kind of photograph.
So the choice of the brand, including the Brooklyn numbers and the new target, which grows on the social was very apt, at least on paper, communicate in a new way with a new target, a proponent of the new fast and social photography, everything to win a target complex and particularly disillusioned.
Never mind what this news would have made talk about of the Brand.
Everything is a simple premise, the talent of the photographer in the grass.
Talent also defended by CEO and Creative Director Christopher Bailey.
Of course, it is undeniable talent of the boy who exposes every day in social gallery for excellence, Instagram, which now contains the memories of everyone, polaroid format around the world.
Despite what can say the photographers, even the most famous voices still to be respected, the boy brings a hand and an eye with great potential that is not the result only of the knowledge of the parents. Surely his relationship with the means to produce the picture, such as cameras and post-production programs, will be more limited compared to those of experienced photographers, but not necessarily be least effective.
Many have talked about the detail of maturity, that the error of the brand is to to rely on a immature eye, too immature to be able to transmit so much to create a successful campaign. This can be shared as not, we only know that the eye of a young man used to capture the right moment, will surely increase the popularity of the brand among the young future customers, who will speak at that point the same language of their new reference brand, making it into their lives.
It is certain that if it were under the eye of the media all the time, he would hardly be arrived there at his tender age, although it is not said, however, expect to see the result, at the time what we are given to see on Instagram on the photographer’s profile and Burberry official profile does not disappoint …

Burberry Site here

Excited to photograph the @Burberry campaign tomorrow. Watch it live on their Instagram & Snapchat 👻#THISISBRIT

Una foto pubblicata da Brooklyn Beckham (@brooklynbeckham) in data:

Location change, shooting @maddiedemaine1 @BrooklynBeckham for #THISISBRIT

Una foto pubblicata da Burberry (@burberry) in data:

Finished on set 🎬 @BrooklynBeckham for #THISISBRIT

Una foto pubblicata da Burberry (@burberry) in data:

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