Britta Jaschinski’s pictures against poaching and illegal exploitation of animals

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Her lens is a bright spotlight focused on animal-man distortion. Her camera immortalizes animals that are often victims of poaching and hunting, endangered or under the man’s lashes, trapped in circus or behind a plexiglass inside a zoo. Britta Jaschinski, a German photographer who lives in London, has for many years captured harrowing and painful images of captive wild animals. Her black and white style brings us to the knowledge of a parallel, disjoint, but dramatically real and often submerged world. Her recent picture “Confiscated” is eloquent: two stools made from the elephant’s legs.
«I photographed the stools in a Colorado warehouse where about one million illegal animal items, confiscated from traffickers, are collected – says Britta Jaschinski -. Trolleys are used to move the confiscated items around the warehouse. I placed the body parts on this backdrop to give some dignity to the objects and pay respect to the animals that loose their lives in the name of status, greed and superstition».

Bags, fur, but also ivory sculptures or stuffed heads. Very often of endangered animals. With this photo Jaschinski recently won the BigPicutre natural world photography competition, organized by the California Academy of Sciences and focused on nature and ways to preserve it.

Using cleverly the light and contrasts, Britta Jaschinski travels around the world as a spokesman for denouncing the crimes and tortures suffered by the animals, forced and catapulted to live different lives and to make unnatural actions. “Made in China” is a project that illustrates this dystopia and the photo “Broken cats” is a perfect synthesis: immobilized and obedient because of their coach’s stern look, these big cats perform circus numbers at Seven Star Park in Guilin, in China, in 2012. Animals have been drugged, teeth and claws have been extracted and are controlled, during the show, with sticks with metal tips. Spectators often ignore the level of cruelty. When Britta saw this scene she said: «This was really an arena of broken animals».

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