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We are at CES in Las Vegas and the tam tam media is incredible. Everyone wants to be here, because the technology is no longer just a matter of the electronics industry as it was until the early years of the millennium, it is now a question of the basis for all the brands that do not want to end up in oblivion.
To underline the fact there is a specific request by the management to call the CES only CES and not like it used Consumer Electronics Show, just to say with no misunderstandings that technological innovation is not just a electronics matter. Therefore all brands lend themselves to show their best innovations, products coming soon and prototypes, but in reality there is someone who wants to make noise in another way, missing the appointment.

In fact, the “Fantastic 4”, ie, Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft are not there. They do not participate directly, but there are in many collaborations with other companies, giving no very clear idea of what is their brand strategy.
In fact, for the largest exhibition of technology made in USA are the four US giant that are missing, while their competitors more aggressive than native Japanese, Korean and Chinese are more present than ever, with innovations that left their mark.
From the point of view of the brand we have to make a few important notes:
the first deals with the non-presence of the Fantastic 4, which could be seen as a sensible absence to make room to other brands, stimulating partnerships with start-ups and focusing all their energy on direct marketing to the MWC in Barcelona that will open its doors in February, fair where the telephony, the largest technology market today, is king.
The second thing to note is definitely the opening of Samsung to Apple Ios, with the new Samsung S2 Gear that is compatible with the software of Cupertino.

Another very important thing to note is the brand identity of the object styles of Asians that goes totally in contrast with the ones of Western brands. Everything about the technology made in the West tends to be thin, satin, with colors that are between white and black in various shades of gray, with a separate space as usual for gold and silver and from some years for the inseparable inserts of acid colors, yellow, pink and green fluorescent, much loved especially in the branch of sports technology. However, what is made in East is still tied to those in the West are stereotypes some ‘old as leather inserts in the technology accessories, shiny surfaces and colors that reflect the contemporary Asian middle class, blue and brown as the years ninety.
Very important to the branch of technology has become definitely Instagram, already our top brand for 2015 (, that in broadening the market for drones and hoverboard it was the best ally you could have, thanks to its ability to stimulate in the public the emulation of vips taken in real-life situations.

Remaining in the field of media, Netflix, for us the best brand in 2015 for on-demand content ( announced its launch at CES in 130 countries.
We have to still talk about TV, because if we thought that somehow the Internet could determine the disapperance of the everyday use of the TVs has instead shown the opposite, thanks to the smart TVs, that as well as having all access to the Internet and app, have also made incredible steps in terms of design and visual technology.
LG has long been on the front row and this year is running at high speed with the TV OLED (those that fold for instance) although others such as Samsung are already following the trail and having began to accustom consumers on the market to watch TV that embraces the viewer. The TV so it is still in the spotlight, but also at a crossroads in terms of design, in fact in the design of curved TV or even able to be rolled up, starts in contrast a design of rigid TV totally borderless and transparent.

From this design is in addition another innovation that promises to be a revolution of the viewing experience, namely the transition from 4K all’HDR.
HDR is the acronym for High Dynamic Range, is a technique that is in doing the same shot at different exposure of light, then combining all the images into a single image, which is the set of all the best exposure possible in single shot.
The system will increase the value of contrast, for instance, went from a normal LCD that has a value of 1000:1 at a value of 30000:1, for an effect of sharpness, contrast and vivid expression of the colors as you it has never seen before. LG definitely also for this technology is the brand that is pushing more, and, what seems, it wants to become the top brand in this area.
But as always, when it comes to viewing experience, Dolby Digital can not stand with hands in hands, and being a high level brand among the best known in the world for its quality linked to entertainment, film and television, was bound to do something that went beyond all the parameters in which the others are fighting the leadership and in fact has realized a projector in HDR technology that is able to realize a contrast ratio of … 1000000:1! Yes it is 1 million to 1!

Regardless of the understanding or not of the technical data, the important thing to note is that Dolby Digital has yet established itself as brand master of technology from audio-visual entertainment and has found a new way, in addition to the historical linked to the audio, for express their maximum value of technological quality. This branch that if well commercially designed will bring the brand to the glories of the 90s.
On 250,000 square meters of the CES, there are lots of start-ups, many related to sports or wellness in general, with an eye on wearable technology, from the point of view of branding a bit ‘are all alike, because they use soft fonts, bright colors, pastels or not, that make them all very contemporary, but sometimes only the fool who leaves the road creates a new path, for this they should think a little ‘more unconventionally.
This also applies for particular marketing actions respect of the competition with which they will must be able to take the visibility and the affection that they deserve. The best ones to make marketing operations, different from usual, this year, before the CES, were manufacturers of hoverboard, using Instagram and doing some gift to celebrities, action not to copy because already seen and reviewed by now, but a stimulus to take to escape from the usual canons of advertising and invent something to stay in the audience’s head.

As for the CES, definitely a very good year, despite the lack of the fantastic four, and immediately after the appointment of Barcelona at MWC, in February, the CES, returns in May from 11 to 13, in Shanghai, China, with CES Asia, brand extension of great value, leverage that makes it to do a quantum leap for the future, as well as for the competition with other technology fairs, because already at CES in Nevada, a quarter of the square footage available was occupied by Chinese companies.

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