Bobby Abley Spring/Summer 2018

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Bobby Abley gave us back a fun fresh collection.
This time in collaboration with the Chinese brand I Love Choc and English television program Teletubbies.
It does not even give up in this collection with the slogan ‘XTINA FOREVER’ and him and our beloved BDSM Bear, which hangs from the hands of models that are nothing more than grown children!
TThe models are Cowboys of the 90s, Coming from Rave party, colors, backpacks, fish hats and buttoned trousers, welcome back in the fun zone of the last century! priceless

  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_25
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_24
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_23
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_20
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_19
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_18
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_17
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_16
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_15
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_14
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_13
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_11
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_10
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_09
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_08
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_07
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_06
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_05
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_04
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_03
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_02
  • Bobby-Abley_ss18_MATT_01

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