Black Vibration

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Visual impression which is experienced when no visible light reaches the eye, combines all the colors of light that stimulate in the same way the three types of receptors sensitive to colors.

Black, a void filled with everything you can not see.

A vibration exciting that is inevitably attracted to the forbidden. The Dark Side of the Moon, a vision, an idea, the exciting extension of a thrill that intimacy gives a forbidden satisfaction.

Like the famous Italian designer Roberto Cavalli says “There is no absolute black”, it is true but we’re almost there, some time ago has been realized by the Surrey Nanosystems plastic blackest ever made, the Vantablack, able to absorbing 99.96% of light it receives, essentially a hole for the observer.

In fashion it is definitely a symbol of elegance and strength.

Past the black broken by lucidity and sequins of the penultimate decade of the last century, we come to a black that expresses the best of itself flowing liquid of latex suits, lips and eyes-blonde punk queens hidden in glass skyscrapers in down town. A black this, expressing rebellion, strength, desire for independence, translating the healthy carriers in the most sexy self.

An aesthetic vision that black early 2000 pointing to a little subtle poetry that takes violently bring the personality to be predominant aesthetic expression of the individual.

Quite another vision is that ferries us from the first to the second decade of the new century, where a super hot Diva features the fairy is covered with black feathers, and his body is carved out of the hands of one of the most visionary fashion, Alexander McQueen that has abandoned us at the height of a fairytale aesthetic that only he could give a dreamy audience.

While from the bedrooms comes with great vehemence the performance of an intimacy never imagined how public, where the former second life, that obscured by heavy velvet curtains,it dresses of words and glances with that black used as decoration of reminiscent Sicilian, the flesh tone, the color of bare skin the inevitable exhibitionism led through the streets of a crowded and hyper downtown made of cameras and mirrored surfaces.

The aesthetic is that of the dark lady, she born in the smoky and lost time in Salem, and she’s for an half Indi queen, on the catwalks this a memorable Riccardo Tisci for Givanchy, where black becomes Brand and State of Mind, landing as light point of raven hair that becomes embroidery on the faces.

If we say Black Fashion Men we think at that Sicily moved to the big city, where there are fleets of models strictly in black tie, the Dolce & Gabbana black vision of tailoring.

In truth are the roads that are covered with black, designed by young talent in international fashion, as Marcelo Burlon, County of Milan, than with black expresses perfectly the cuts of a fashion arising from the Active wear, and that alternative vision of the shirt that the generation of millennials and some enlightened X are driving like ordinary expression of a whole new sophistication. Ensign, the black, of a generation that is reclaiming a future that Black had been delivered to them.

Black, which becomes the basis of its opposite in graphics games and geometry written on crutches the American HBA (Hood by Air).

Black has the charm of excess hidden, starting from Centurion, the most elite of the cards until you get to the Emilian bull increasingly wears of black “MATT”, Lamborghini, Italian excellence increasingly popular.

Also the food is elegant dresses, in special edition from Burger King, the burger is just in one color … BLACK ….

We rediscover the design, far from the university, which can finally resume the color, to dress objects gloss, matt, metallic and transparent, to modelling intimate spaces, the black goes to the scene in the bathroom, that becomes a cave spa where relaxation is the color of the night.

Symbolic color that dominates the minds, vision and lifestyle for those who simply wears venerating the gods of the brand. Fickle, but never capricious, the no-color that should be used and worked appropriately or risk destroying false careers.

From dress code to the walls of the coolest, is a branding that incisive must be respected, the complexity lies in the weight of a color that is suitable, but never gives completely, risky, yes, but for those who can use it is a golden ladder to the Olympus.

The Black lable always indicates a clear vision in any context, from the massive distribution departments to fashion sector, is a symbol that communicates itself, with few frills and like a sword comes to communicate his message.

Black: incisiveness, complexity, sensuality. You must like the little black dress…

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