Björk: the Hyper-Elf

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There are those who she calls an elf music, fairy, elf princess and even ice. But she, Björk Gudmundsdottir from Reykjavik, Iceland, is much more.
Through her music she can be sensual, strong, bold, aggressive, almost violent, but also sweet as honey, reflective and shh! It’s oh so quiet…
On the other hand she could only be so eclectic, with her vocal timbre and musical genres that in the past has touched: alternative rock, jazz, electronic, classical music, trip hop, experimental music and avant-garde.
November 21 has taken 51 years but still looks the Björk-90s. Last month in Italy has released his latest video “Family”. This is the third video originated from the album “vulnicura”, and was shot by director / filmmaker Thomas Huang. But not enough. Family was filmed entirely in virtual reality and has been shown in an exhibition at the DHC / ART Foundation for Contemporary Art in Montreal dedicated especially for Björk.
No wonder, because the Icelandic artist has always been accustomed to the most extreme design in his video, tricks and disguises enchanted.
She was the first to host in his work, young designers and eccentric stylist. Who does not remember the ethereal and Sapphic love between two robots in the video for “All is full of love”, who has not danced who has not danced with her with “Big time sensuality.”
Certainly for years she has accustomed us to hers diva excesses, hers whims and hers strange character and then retired, almost like a hermit, on Icelandic mountains.



Today, gone are the 50, she looks different, certainly hers face from sweet features remained unscathed by time. Hers jet-black hair is always combed Elvish braids. But she is no longer a strange character of the woods. Björk has become a woman.
Mature and demure, sensual and sweet. In hers latest album, the ninth of hers career, seems to remind us that she is above all a composer of melodies, that words sometimes ruin. She also reminds us that hers voice is an instrument, at the strenuous of a violin, which is used to service the melody.

What is it that I have
That makes me feel your pain
Like milking a stone
To get you to say it and…

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