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Imagine a September evening, your feet immersed in the sand of Salento, the beautiful dress, the sweet wind and a late summer wedding. It could also be a civil union, though sometimes, legally, the words make the difference, love not that is the same for everyone. Just like the premarital hysteria of the mothers, sister-in-law, brides, and bridegroom. It does not change anything, there is bureaucracy, publications, participation that is to be sent in time, there is the ceremony to be prepared and it must be touching but not too much, the clothes to be bought, in this regard the spouses should go on a diet, the photographer to choose, a reception to be arranged, dinner test, there is to arrange the guests at the tables, because Aunt Pina does not speak to Aunt Maria from the 1996 quarrel, the music that must entertain everyone, the adornments , flowers that do not have to be too bulky, the most unsuccessful bombshells are more fun, especially there is a celebration of love, a new family that is born.
Whether it is between man and woman, woman and woman, man and man, man and trans, trans and woman, Aunt Pina and Aunt Mary, there is a family that is born!

Where do we begin now?
My dear ones, now they are bitter cabbages.
It takes a wedding planner!
Do not think you know how to do it all by yourself, unless you are a seasoned professional.
Now, if you want to join in civil union and want to do it in Puglia, what you need are Giovanna and Michela D’Alema. The two sisters have recently won the Pin, Pugliesi Innovativi of the Apulia Region, with a project called “My Big Fat Raibow Wedding”, but on social you will find it with the name “Say Yes wedding and more”.
Their idea is not only to guide and help the bride and groom during the preparation of their special day, but also help them from the bureaucratic point of view.They are the first in Puglia to provide this service to couples. “I am part of a homophobia contrast association called Freely and openly,” told me Giovanna, telling how the project idea was born: “I have been following the LGBTQ casue in Lecce for five years now and I’ve had the opportunity to see the change of territory and approach to issues that were initially a bit of a taboo and are now being experienced more naturally. I was thinking of spending the cause in this regard, also because I’m homosexual and this is also my need to contribute to the improvement of society. While for my sister is a somewhat more complex speech, she is heterosexual: time ago I told her about a couple of friends of ours, who was joining civilly were victims of homophobia, they had gone to buy clothes for the ceremony in a boutique and were mistreated. This has upset her a lot, a number of factors have come to her, she felt hurt, imagining that this could happen to me “.
Thus the first phase of the project is linked to the formation of those who will interface with couples who will join civilly. All those who will interface with their network on civil unions must be ready and comfortable, because there is still much confusion and there are still a lot of prejudice. They will meet Florists, Caterers, Suppliers and Workers to teach and raise awareness of civil unions.
A training that will be used by external partners such as the Lea Association, Freely and Openly and the Seyf Association, with Vincenzo Lotito and Sandro Accogli, who deals with cultural exchanges to help girls to extend abroad and help those couples homosexuals wanting to join Salento. “So, explains Giovanna, to seasonalize Gay Tourism in Salento.”
But let’s come to us. How is a civil union organized?
“Just as a wedding is organized,” replies Giovanna quickly and begins to explain, “with so much difficulty, so much effort. We think first of all at the bureaucratic level, what we need to do to ensure that civil union is valid. In short, the same path as for a traditional wedding. It is necessary to go to the municipality to request a number of forms to be filled out and documents to be submitted. It is an important aid to the couple, because having been approved for only one year the rules on civil unions are not yet clear to all. There is still much confusion”.

Are there any publications, so it does not change much?
“It is the same, only that it has been called civil union to underline, in my opinion, the difference between heterosexual couples and homosexual couples. Because in fact it corresponds entirely to a marriage, exclusion made for the obligation of loyalty. This is something we do not like at all. If, one day, the couple wanted to divorce, adultery would not be the reason for divorce. Almost to emphasize the promiscuous nature of homosexual relationships”.
Giovanna will join herself in June next year, with her girlfriend Gaia and she does not imagine her being betrayed or that they will not be a traditional family. They look tiny, but they are already great women and we will follow them again.

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