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From a few days it has been confirmed the collaboration Beyoncé for TopShop which will be presented in April 2016, after more or less famous collaborations of companies who take temporary international artists as creative directors, TopShop also gives us a Top Collaboration. It is already the line of active-wear most expected of next year. Will include everything related to the dance and sport in general, is a participation in the 50-50 that will see the largest English retailer in the production of line designed by Beyoncé. “I could not think of a better partner as I continue to grow the Parkwood business. I have always loved Topshop for its fashion credentials and forward thinking,” these are the words of QueenBey that is particularly happy about this collaboration.Beyoncé line for TopShop was almost a news expected, hoped for is a satisfied smile for such a strong partnership.
We speak of two international brands with a strong resonance and large following.
The retailer is TopShop with more than 500 stores worldwide, 300 of which are in the UK is an affirmed trademark in fashion ready-to-wear, whose lines from British breath, depopulated between the teen and the mature sisters, the 20 years will have passed since a while.
It is present in all continents but not in all countries, it is expected shortly to open in the city of fashion, Milan which has long expect the giant English. Easy to think that line by QueenBey will be presented with the opening of the store in Milan, city ever closer to activewear?
She, B, the first high heels probably has put them to go up on stage in that Huston who saw her grow, the group were the Destiny’s Child and it was the 90’s, from there the artistic growth and evolution from performer at the International brand has not stopped more, by the colors of a sunny south we are now at a darker flavor, intimate, that of nights spent on the streets of NYC where the sunrise can be seen mirrored in the glass skyscrapers and with the flavor of a night lived to the fullest.
Mother, wife and a Grown Woman, just to mention her, with hundreds of performances, rehearsal rooms, gave form and life to thoughts of many, muse and model for dream dresses with her dangerous curves. Forms exhibited beautifully, in fact remember her in a dress that left little to the imagination, the dress made exclusively of light, by Givenchy at the Met Gala ’15, in recent years she has proved more loyal to that brand.

Has in recent years reversed course of a image already perfect and in trend, surprising us with a night full of sentiment and disillusion. Already hints of change, we had felt in an almost dissonant last track in the “4” the studio album of 2011 with “Run the world (girls)” where for Tribal Queen ladies sings to Girl Power. With the latest CD “Beyonce”, which is also a video album, has planted the flag breaking the long line of pop ballads, and enriching every word of contamination from the obvious rap-hip hop up to electronic sound. To say, the CD has never been publicized before the release and in the first month on iTunes has sold like no album ever before. The Producer Timbaland, the now ReMida of the discografia, said it’s the best album of the XXI century.
It’s December ’13 when the re-branding is official, and is also born for the not American public, the Queen Bey. The colors of the re-branding are three Black-White-Rose, it is not necessary to say more. The collaboration catches the eye and not in the cd but who did the most news is that with another diva from hot booty Nikki Minaj, with “Flawless”, they have ruled playlists around the world.
She is one of the celeb who proudly displays a physicality very respectable, who has become the face of BodyProud thanks to a b-side, and not only, truly unbridled.

Woman, Businesswoman between perfumes, films, concerts and collaborations of different nature is building an priceless International Personal Brand, dutiful in clothing is to be mentioned that the official merchandising is actually a real-capsules street-wear collection by taste very ‘Yoncé.
This however is not the first time that Bey entered the world of fashion, in fact, a few years ago already, has launched with her Mother “House of Dereon”, but the mysterious line of activewear that is preparing to submit with TopShop will certainly have a different flavor .
We are talking about one of the most influential brands in the world and women respectively according to Forbes:

#29 Celebrity 100 (International)
#49 America’s Self-Made Women (National)
#21 Power Women (International)

the estimated worth in 2015 is of some hundreds of millions of dollars. The strong Re-branding has led it to significantly increase her audience, going fishing in a target prefers darker colors and sounds vaguely smelling Witch House, with veins Health Goth evidently due to the influence of the big apple.
(read Internet Sub-Culture)
And it is these influences that we expect in the collection that Queen Bey will propose in collaboration with TopShop, a yoga clothing influenced by the sounds of Lady of R & B, with some inevitable vein of Rock influence that England always export and recommended.
Strong and determined is the desire for change, which from Southern colored princess led her to become Queen sounding voluptuous and enveloping, that now looks more like her.
The Re-branding in this case study clearly and blatantly unlike that other skirt of the star system fascinates us and gives hope for new contamination that could be seen in the store before then hear the next album.

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