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Best Brand Travel. Classification

1st Milano

Earns the top spot as the best brand travel in 2015, the capital of fashion. It was the nerve center of the innovations in 2015: fashion, Expo and EMA MTV, has also won the 2016 Champions League final.
It has been completely re-evaluated. It is the first example of a polycentric city in Italy, it could start only from Milan. Duomo, Porta Nuova and soon the area Portello / City Life.
Porta Nuova there, the winning project of the best Skyscrapers of 2015, the Vertical Forest, one of the now many examples in the city of Green mega architectures. We now await the end of the work in City Life where we find projects of illustrious archistars that reflect the city with all their glass, by Isozaki, Zaha Hadid up to Libeskind, it will be a good chat between big.
Brand always strong earning the top spot thanks to the internationalization of the image of one of the best-known cities in the world.

2nd Miami

Spread over 92 km² is populated by 5.4 million people.
Taking second place to the cultural ferment, the revaluation of public space and private initiatives most impressive of the USA in 2015, despite heat and humidity. The revaluation of the Lemon City, Little Haiti, the center of the Francophone culture in sunny Florida, there just in front of North Bay Village. It was re-evaluated with the massive construction projects that have reported to the center of the cultural life of the county. Another mega project is the newest and luxurious Miami Design District. But the focal point of the revived brand that has concentrated its efforts on culture is the Miami Art Basel, one of the richest and most important weeks of the art in the world, every December since ’70. The new exhibition spaces and the extension of the exhibition make it stand out Miami as high among all the cities in stars and stripes. Now Miami is a cultural brand in the sun of the equator, strong of the wealth that the middle class hungry for novelty brought in to the city.

3rd Abu Dhabi

Glass city in the desert, cathedral symbol of history and innovation that lives in the dunes at the seaside, is our third place in the Best Travel 2015. It houses one of the most luxurious hotels in the world and within it will receive the maximum classification, 7 stars, recognizing that only 1 hotel in the world to now be numbered (7 star). House’s first Ferrari theme park, houses one of the most spectacular Grand Prix F1. He has hosted the filming of the movie, Star Wars The Return of the Force. We find the third place for the continued and obvious desire to renew and improve, in fact, both in the public and private sectors the turmoil is great, just look at the pharaonic work of the new Central Market, wonder in between the past and present with a whole new way of using historical materials.

4th Shanghai

Founded in 1291, it is the most populous city in China. Earns fourth place in Best brand travel because the time has become the most international city of China, starting with the design exhibition at fashion weeks, until the International Motor Show that is now one of the most important in the sector. Shanghai presents itself as an important milestone for all foodie who set foot on Chinese soil, where Italian to molecular everything here is findable, provided at the end of dinner you make a jump to the karaoke.
It is the dichotomy in the top 5, encapsulates the ancient and the present, all mixed with a strong cultural and artistic ferment, due to the new generations that are starting to choose.

5th Chicago

In fifth place of best brand travel is the third most populous city in the US. It is an internationally recognized brand, thanks mainly to the strong cultural ferment. Art, music and food, has become in recent years one of the cities of reference for all the foodie in EastCoast. From architecture to food it is a city where one experiences. In the last year was the beautiful though devastated guest of Divergent trilogy. All this has helped her get to the 5 place. Beautiful in the portraits made by digitalwerd_iz.
Fountain Crow Clode Gate, the great works in Millennium Park, which is itself a giant open-air exposure, here we understand the mood of the Windy City.
Without forgetting the Art Institute, which every year is included in the list of the best museums in the world.

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