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Best Brand Fashion Classification

1st Kendal Jenner

class ’95, when it says born with a caul. It is the first place as Best Brand 2015 Fashion. Polyhedric personality, magnetic eyes, the meat in the right place. In Front of the camera She’s expression at the liquid state. it’s hard to be versatile, so are a few.
She’s one of the most active on social millennials, model and television personality, she is the top influencers of the moment, from head to pedicures, all try to follow her dictates. Only on Instagram has 44 million followers.
From the runways, the magazine covers she is the favorite of stylists and photographers. The last service of interview led her in the Olympus of the top, and has consolidated its Golden Personal Brand, her image has a value of approximately $ 300,000.00 to post. Good genes, good brand, all put to use very well.


Yeezy, is not only a brand is a vision of one of the most talked-about artists, beloved, supported and hated by the general public. Kanye West, eclectic mind, is definitely a visionary, with a strong vision of the world and a clear perception of himself, constantly developing.
Taking second place in the category of Best Brand 2015 Fashion, because he anticipated the end of the world, and dressed us to face the post-apocalypse.
The brand, Yeezy was created in collaboration with Nike between 2007 and 2009, when Kanye was called from the house of the whisker to design a sneaker. The collaboration under YEEZY Brand is profitable and very exciting, and has the cleared through customs of the sneaker fetish even in a world where the fetish of men’s shoe was silent.

3rd Jeremy Scott

Third place for the creative director of Moschino for making known and almost institutionalized pop kitsch. Few times in history have we seen a brand created by a strong personality as that of Franco Moschino adapt so well to another which is Jeremy.
Always faithful to NY, in fact in his collection we can breathe only the New Yorkers ultra-pop culture. The seasons that he has presented in 2015, have reported Moschino at the golden age, a colourful King Mida. Jeremy use a commercial packaging to do a texture for magnific dress, or a road signs like a hand bag. and who can forget the clothes of Katy Perry during the interval of the Super Bowl.

4th Prada

Earns fourth place, the mega fashion brands, thanks to the opening of the space of MIlan of Fondazione Prada, golden cathedral of culture of Italian inspiration. Pure industrial archeology, a classic in the fashion capital, a mix of materials that leave amazed.
As on RunWay, they never disappoint. Both with the foundation, whose design was entrusted to Rem Koolhaas, nor with the immortal Miuccia walkways, the stunning wonder is always the same. The place it gains as well as for the opening of May 9 also and especially for the style coordinated, by the sock to the panel of aluminum foam to the facade of the Foundation. Always experimental! Last but not least, the opening on the stock exchange in Hong Kong that boosted the brand value thanks to strong demand.

5th SL – Saint Laurent –

Enters the top 5 for the strong rebranding that brought Yves Saint Laurent to become Saint Laurent Paris. The air is that of an innate elegance that has always characterized the brand, just a nice little ‘younger, which is contaminated with a rock brought in spirit and also a lot out in clothing. The fashion that approaches the rock is white and black,
Few colors tackled geometrically for a renaissance really amazing. keep an eye to the new French Maison.

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