The beauty, the queer and cover girl

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Did you notice it?
Most cosmetic companies and fashion houses, are increasingly likely to choose queer women as ambassadors of the brand. It will be just a fad or the idea of beauty is migrating more and more consciously towards new standards?
After all, once being androgens was à la page, but the word queer means something else. Wikipedia defines queer a subject sexually, ethnically or socially eccentric respect to the definitions of normality encoded by the dominant culture.
But that means everything and does not mean anything.
However, today there is a lot of confusion of definitions and feelings. So trying to figure out, fashion has also started to experiment. To prove this is the haircut of Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart, which represent many cosmetic and fashion houses. Cheerful, carefree and crazy. Their make-up is often dark, hair is getting thicker and shorter and recalls a Ziggy Stardust style of a young David Bowie.
Then came the bisexual, multiracial pop star Kehlani who has just assured a partnership with Make Up For Ever. A blow when Kehlani is thought to be the first color queer to become the ambassador of such a large audience.
This is how the story’s first cover boy on the covers of fashion magazines is named James Charles. He is a seventeen-year-old man from Bethlehem, NY and his eyebrows envy those of Cara Delevingne. James has just opened his Instagram and Youtube profile where he plays his make ups and became a star, so he became an official ambassador of the Covergirl brand. He is not defined, neither a transgender nor a drag queen. He explained that he was just a guy who was making up his mind. I think it’s great.
A report to James cosmetics company was Zendaya, the former face of Covergirl, after finding out on Twitter.
Let’s face it, Covergirl did not just change the cards on the table in anticipation of the times, he also cleared the cover boy. There are not a few guys hiding in their little room to make themselves look more beautiful, this does not define the perception they have of their femininity or masculinity, at least until they are determined to do it themselves.
From the same song, it is hoped that the choice of fashion houses does not fall on a testimonial rather than on another according to their tendencies or their being different.
As stated by Patricia Velasquez: “I always thought that they did not give me the job because I’m gay.” The top model of the 1990s, in fact, has declared her homosexuality only in 2015. In the past she has walked on the gangways wearing Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and Carolina Herrera clothes, today she chooses to be state-queer-friendly, posing For Covergirls, L’Oréals, Pantenes and Allures, to reach the widest possible market.
At one time the big brands did not even consider queer women or different ethnicities as their ambassadors, almost thinking they had nothing to propose to these women.
Today, however, brands like Chanell are trying to become more inclusive with hiring models and ambassadors like Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne, and Willow and Jaden Smith brothers.
Well maybe the beauty canons are changing or maybe the demands of an ever-wretched audience has made things change.

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