Beautiful and happy: Alex and Mimi Ikonn

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She has thirty years, long brown hair and dark eyes, is from Azerbaijan, her family emigrated to Canada, and grew up here. Even he is about thirty years, tall, blond and has blue eyes, it looks like the Prince Charming who you dreamed when you were children and comes from Canada.
Her name is Mimi Ikonn, it’s really just a simplification of the name, the real one I don’t even try to transcribe it. His name is Alex Ikonn. Were students together, then they are in love and have become business partners. Or maybe they were partners and then they fell in love, I have no idea. However, together they created an empire of peace. I think three YouTube channels, a line of hair extension, many tips and millions of followers. BY now they are a brand and it seems that they enjoy so much.
But let’s start from Azerbaijan.
Mimi has a sister, Leyla, this is the simplification of its name, they have always been passionate about hairstyles and everything related to the hair.
While studying economics, Mimi and her sister opened a YouTube channel, Luxy Hair, which now has 2,665,806 subscribers, which offer tutorials on the hair. From the impossible hairstyles, superelaborated to the tutorial on the waves, about getting bulky, hair tips on fast hairstyles and what products to use. Learn from them is so easy, because their explanations are at proof clumsy. You can’t go wrong.
They gave customs clearance to the braid in a herringbone pattern in all, and I mean all, its forms.
Their exstensions line with clip, Luxy Hair Clip Extensions, is now known all over the world.
A huge success, also because they are made with 100% human hair, their quality is soft, silky and are also resistant to the heat of hair straightener. There are many colors and shades, but the thing that makes them so special is the naturalness. You do not have to stick with glue and silicone, do not use aggressive methods which then only a good hairdresser can fix with a single gesture: the cut. No, the extensions of Mimi stick with simple clip and make sure that the hair does not break or ruin.I have discovered her tutorials, then I’m lost in a vlog in which he showed his Canadian home and I found myself completely reversed in the brand Mimi Ikonn. He now lives in London with her husband Alex, they have hired two people who help them manage social networks and seem a model to follow.
From advice on meditation to the makeup, from furniture to healthy and organic cuisine, from advice on clothes to books to read, from advice on the girl power to those about managing your own business without anxiety, going for travels.
Yes travels, many travels. Because every time that Ikonn spouses depart bring with them their Canon G7x and show the beauty of Positano, Mallorca, Morocco, Portugal, Rome, Scotland and Sardinia. Leaving you to savor every meal that they will taste, wonder of each place that they will see and laugh with them.
Might seem hideously perfect: they get up in the morning to do meditation, then do yoga together, breakfast, obviously very healthy, they go to work together, always well dressed, hair affixed. The fashion houses choose them as the face of their clothes and accessories. But they are keen to say that they are not perfect, they later too and allow sins of gluttony.
Mimi is not the first youtuber that create her own line of products. In Italy she had also done our Clio Zammatteo, aka Clio makeup, which for Pupa had thought a series of cosmetics. In the United States it is customary, Lisa Eldridge, make up artist as well as youtuber, she is a consultant for many cosmetic homes.
In short Mimi she will not invent anything, but what he does is well done!
Mimi Ikon site.

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