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The last time we talked about Food on MATTLUMINE we put light on new trend of the Healty Fast Food. This trend as almost all of the most important trends in the food industry starts from the small companies, perhaps also very popular, as it can be a star restaurant, but they have, in business terms, very small dimensions compared to other actors that you can find on the market, especially compared to those of supermarkets chains.
In this case instead it is right one of the greatest actors of retail that we want to mention, the most famous brand of Italian pasta, Barilla.
As we all know Barilla is one of those brands that has far exceeded its status exclusively linked to the product that creates, because it has become a brand synonymous with values that transcend the product itself.
Like all big multinationals, but for some years, since the explosion of mass of industry blogs, this also applies to smaller companies, the need to keep up with the world trends become a key issue for the development of the brand awareness and a hallmark of the brand identity.
In this perspective, the most important news this week is about the Barilla Smart Working. Barilla has announced that the project for the labor mobility for employees of the group which already involves about 1,600 people, roughly half of the white collar of the worldwide group, will be taken to be valid for all employees, net of production lines by 2020.

Barilla in this way enters by right between those actors of the market which are driving the worldwide trends regardless of the created product. We see that a similar project is bringing forward also by Microsoft.
The themes such as smart working and the achievement of smart companies in all respects, fall in the field of improving the quality of life that enlightened companies have as their principal goal regardless of the commodity sector. In fact, in these terms, the smart working acts both as an improvement of the relationship between private and work, both as an accelerator with regard to the reduction of CO2 emissions that are emitted every day by people who goes to work.
For today consumers who are increasingly connected and up to date, even these reports are a fundamental source of brand loyalty, so it is not at all absurd to say that to get better their workers, for Barilla, it could also mean selling even better, if possible, their products.
The border between the backend and frontend of companies is definitely coming to wane, and there are those who will take advantage of this factor and who it will be crushed. Because today pay attention to “how to produce” is as important as the “what is produced”, but a new element is raising his voice and is the “how is who produce?”

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