BACK TO THE ’90S: the nostalgic Come together WORDART are back!

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In this atmosphere of uncertainty, political, economic, we take refuge in the beautiful things you remember, the 90s, the last decade of the last century, was for many a happy decade, lighter and funnier, the problems faced in the show generational, fashionable, music everything spoke of “problems” that were not problems. For this and another infinite number of factors, which will not be here to explain, it was back to the heavy and colorful flannel blanket that represented the 90’s.
I am a Graphic designer, I express myself with terror, when they ask me to design a mark, brochures, or any graphic project, advertising, poster adv – ads, anything, as if it came from the thesis of the eighth grade of any millennials, which at the time planned in the word, I have the chills in the back.
Well you supporters of Word Art, of the Clip Art and all those colorful – stuff – glad at least for six months you will have an easy time.
It’s nice to think that in the age of – you can do it all – and be everything – there is space for WORDART AGAIN and their supporters.
Of course it is complex thinking if not for a vintage shop or video games a logo in this style, but in the end we know the customer is always right as long as they pay.
So, lovers of the 90’s, as if there were not already enough, join, text shadows, unrealistic colors, wave text, three dimensional lapidary do not despair; everything worshiped as children do in Windows 95, now returns with a web app designed by an ironic creature, aka Mike McMillan, who, like you apparently could not absolutely do less than a decade that has not gone fast enough. Make WordArt you can travel back in very little glorious past for everyone.

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