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Yes, soon, because the automobile we have not yet had, at least not entirely, but at the Tesla they are going to get there (as in Google and Apple) because in the effectivity of things of “auto” in the automobiles there was very little and if you begin to be interested in technology introduced in the Tesla Cars and ideas on the future of Elon Musk for this his enterprise (above all, the autonomous driving), you understand well that at the auto-mobile we are arriving just now.
As soon as the audience will understand the true value of Tesla Motors and circuits of production, marketing and supply set in motion in the US will be ready for the other major world markets we are confident that this will become one of the first brands of cars in the world .
It is no longer of mechanical means which respond to physical laws for which are arranged in the construction phase and then responding only to these until the day of scrapping.
The innovative idea of Car Tesla is not the only high-performance electric motor as many believe, but the fact of seeing the automobile as a means intelligent that improves day by day thanks to software updates that are loaded at night from parent company, together with the fact of understanding the car and its fuel as part of a unique process of development of the world!
This is the real innovation!
Switch from internal combustion engine to the electric one is a physiological question for those who look to the future, but the real stroke of genius in our opinion is that if you buy a car today, it remains the same until one day is to be scrapped or you do not want it any more and you buy it another, which will follow the same logic, but if you buy a Tesla it is always different because it is updated periodically, just like our computers, tablets and smartphones.
When improves the software that runs your car, these updates are uploaded on your automobile, improving it. If you buy a Tesla with its whole range of skills related in part to the mechanical and partly to the software it is possible that the day after, the car you bought, is able to do things that yesterday was not able, improving your driving experience.
Looking back, driving experience, is perhaps wrong. Even here we should make a note, because Tesla no longer speaks of driving experience, but of user experience, a whole other world.
We are no longer drivers of vehicles, but users of mobile devices, soon auto-mobile.
The latest software, it can improve both the performance of our car, then those tied closely to the guide, both those related to the refueling, the security and connectivity.
As for performance driving the technological step made in Tesla is amazing, because any other car we buy, the maximum it can do, is keep their own performances, but think to improve themselves without putting hand to the engine sounds like science fiction.
Instead just think that on the Tesla Model S P85 a second motor on the forecarriage as well as giving more power, provides traction to the front axle, making this model a true 4×4 and the operating system manages digitally and intelligently the two wheels axles, front and rear, without the need of the transmission shaft. Even if you did not understand, trust me, for the world of automobile, build a car without the drive shaft is a milestone of the innovation.
The system manages the traction depending on the need, both between the axles, both between the wheels, turning off also the front motor if not necessary and managing each wheel individually.
The operating system then manages the braking system, controls the distance from the vehicle ahead of us, but it also signals if the vehicle behind is approaching too, indicates to us if we are going out of the track, tells us where are the Tesla Supercharger stations closer and to that level of charge are, if are occupied or not, then of course there are all the reports of the normal on-board computer.
In this case we speak of all-electric car, capable of reaching out to 100k / h in less than 3 seconds and equipped with Autopilot.
We report in italics explanation from the site Tesla Italy

The Autopilot uses a forward-facing camera, a radar and a sonar sensors to 360° with automatic traffic update to drive Model S both on the roads clear and in those more crowded. From today to change lanes you just turn on the turn signal. And when you get to your destination, the Model S will detect a place in the parking lot and it will park itself automatically. The safety devices of Model S keep constantly under control the traffic signs, the traffic lights and the pedestrians and they alert you in case of unintentional lane changes.
The various features of the autopilot are enabled gradually over time, through software updates. The current software version is 6.2, which adds the automatic emergency braking and the notice of the blind spot.
And we say this is the car. Now let’s go to the development project.
The Tesla instead of having a tank for petrol has a lithium battery and from here starts a world.
In fact, Tesla does not provide only the car, but also the solar system to be mounted on the roof of your house that charges a battery of very quality aesthetic design that will be your private distributor in the garage and will also be a reservoir of energy when you miss the electric current in the house.
Basically it tends to get to have homes disconnected from the public line, to be totally self-sufficient by using the automobile market.
While with regard to the public refueling, Tesla has a wide network of distributors Supercharger, still in fact very few in Italy, but many in Northern Europe and North America and in strong and continuous expansion, soon also in China, Japan and Australia.
Soon all cars will go with electricity from solar energy? Hopefully.
Certainly Elon Musk has shown that when you put something in his head, no matter how great, he can make it a reality.
He sold his first game at the age of 12, he created and then sold zip2 (service online contents for newspapers) for $ 307 million to Compaq in the mid-nineties, he then ignited the revolution of online banking through PayPal sold to eBay for 1.5 billion, then created Tesla of which we just talked about, Space X that cooperates with NASA for aerospace travel and not the last SolarCity, the second provider of solar electricity in the US.
That said, the guarantee to be in good hands there is. The future of cars is probably to become really auto-mobile, safer, less polluting, most efficient and connected to each other.
Last mention is on the naming that fits perfectly. Tesla, Nikola, was an electrical engineer, physicist and inventor of of Serbian origin, naturalized American, founding father of alternating electric current (here is the connection with Musk cars) and beyond.
Elon Musk already from the name expresses its mission statement: me, like Tesla, I am a inventor able to revolutionize the world.

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