Europe is going to break Internet rules

19 September 2018

What to say about it … We are facing an issue more than generational,...

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Milan — Apple premiered the new store “Apple...

25 July 2018

Milan — Apple today premiered Apple Piazza Liberty, a new retail location...

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Rockin’1000in concert the 21 of July in Florence...

20 July 2018

The new show of the Rockin1000 band will be held on Saturday 21st July at the...

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Wayve Believe Machine Learning is Key to Unlock...

10 July 2018

University of Cambridge machine learning PhDs are injecting more intelligence...

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From the glaciers new studies to help cerebral...

3 July 2018

Adam Marsh. Photo Credits: GenPro LLC It is said that our society and our...

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Auto Draft

2 July 2018

photo credits: Stefano Castellaneta...

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Aira – The assistant for blind persons

26 June 2018

For people with poor eyesight or completely blind, stick and dog are no longer...

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Right to be forgotten on internet: you can...

20 June 2018

Photo credits: Frédéric Poirot We are all here in this era of likes and...

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From 1992 to 2017 in the Antarctica 3000...

15 June 2018

The results of what is considered the most thorough and authoritative research...

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Instagram “maybe” will launch 1 hour videos.

12 June 2018

photo credit: Leo Hidalgo Do you know which is the most used site every day in...

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Patreon mattlumine


What is Patreon and why we could use...

5 June 2018

Like every week I’m here writing a tech articles for MattLumine about...

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Google Pay integrated with PayPal.

31 May 2018

Pay directly on YouTube or Gmail, the way to payments without friction. It was...

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hydrogen one


Hydrogen One: the first 3D oleographic smartphone is...

23 May 2018

Do you know the technology company called Red? Many of you no, because it...

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Can a home WiFi router act as a...

15 May 2018

An artist’s impression of the OPERA project Image Credit: University of...

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Xiaomi launches into the stock exchange and lands...

8 May 2018

You are wondering who Xiaomi is. Well it is the fourth smartphone manufacturer...

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Facebook sinks Tinder.

2 May 2018

Yesterday was held in San Jose, California, the developer conference during...

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Neom – The city of the future

26 April 2018

Neom is the city of the future, a pharaonic project promoted by Saudi prince...

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alter ego


AlterEgo: thoughts become Google searches

11 April 2018

img credit:MIT A few weeks ago we started talking about artificial...

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Spotify plays the bell at Wall Street

3 April 2018

Spotify makes its debut on Wall Street, the title is called Spot, which stands...

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WeTransfer -> WePresent | Technology ->...

28 March 2018

Today I want to talk about a cultural project developed and carried out by the...

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