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I always say like a mantra the words of the icon Iris Apfel, – LESS IS BORE – is not always a valid advice at least not for everyone.
ARYTRON, is a Hawaiian artist that is not worth it, to say the truth is that his works are so precious that the stressful minimalism he uses to portray his native land is almost necessary.
His work gives tranquility, that relax that only the sea and most of Hawaii can infuse. The pastel colors, pink and blue candy are delicate, never violent, perfect to convey the feeling of tranquility and at the same time so much trendy, to put this Hawaiian photographer to success.
“My first encounter with this project – said the artist – took place on Instagram (of course I would add) as I watched the minimalist architectural photography profile.
And there I fell down the rabbit hole “. I adored this definition because it is the perfect feeling of when you unintentionally define a project, as if it had always been there.
The project is never boring, even because it defines the nature of the Hawaiian Islands in a totally unpublished way, speaks of its people, its simple architecture and a very relaxed lifestyle, unmistakably: a mix of cultures that despite everything Maintains a very strong identity.
The landscape appears alien and made of colors that in nature are defined to color more. His communicative lightness would usually scare anyone.
– Take a time to observe his works –


Here you can find His favorite Instagram accounts!

@futurmag, @taxcollection, @_ingo_1, @v14zco

here his Instagram account

here his website

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